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Lars Bakken was born in Honolulu, Hawaii while his father was stationed in the Navy, but shortly after his birth his family moved to a small town in Iowa. After graduating from the university of Iowa he moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in the video games industry. Lars was a long-time fan of Bungie Studios and was hired by Bungie as the multiplayer designer for Halo 3. Lars also went on to be part of the design team for Halo 3: ODST and was effectively the lead designer for the firefight mode in both ODST and Halo: Reach
Lar's profile on notes that his first job was as a dishwasher, his in-studio nickname is "thug", he is considered one of the newer employees of Bungie, his hobby is "hanging out", his ultimate Halo match is rockets on Hang 'Em High, his ultimate snack is pizza, his ultimate website is Urban Dictionary and his fake weapon is listed as the "de-pantster". Lar's physical attributes and mode of transport have been marked "classified" however.

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