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163222 KlUMZeE Concept Overview Added Life is Strange to the list 02/22/15 08:19PM 2 Approved
145788 bboymaestro Concept Overview Just watched a Gamespot stream, it took like...two hours haha 11/13/14 11:42AM 2 Approved
145330 Jeff Concept Overview 11/10/14 10:21AM 3 Approved
139722 AMyggen Concept Overview 10/03/14 02:53PM 3 Approved
137345 AMyggen Concept Overview 09/21/14 05:54PM 3 Approved
133745 styder Concept Overview Title Card comes after a good 30 minutes to an hour of play 09/02/14 03:35PM 2 Approved
127398 bboymaestro Concept Overview I've been playing a lot of Suda 51, if you can't tell. He loves him some LTCs. Haven't played Killer7 yet... 08/07/14 04:09PM 4 Approved
123986 Domineeto Concept Overview 07/24/14 12:00PM 3 Approved
118160 buzz_clik Concept Overview 06/26/14 10:18PM 3 Approved
111976 BatmanBatman Concept Overview 06/04/14 02:18PM 3 Approved
98938 Applefrog Concept Overview Title card goes ham 3 hours in! 04/08/14 08:04PM 2 Approved
87587 chriscalla Concept Overview Just added Ratchet and Clank: Into the Nexus for 'Late Title Card' concept. 02/07/14 11:06PM 2 Approved
48025 soulmanim3 Concept Overview Added ToX 08/06/13 07:07PM 2 Approved
38093 Fezz Concept Overview 06/23/13 04:08PM 2 Approved
32330 Max_Antrax Concept Overview 05/26/13 08:35AM 2 Approved
26680 Gantrathor Concept Overview 04/30/13 08:29PM 1 Approved
9212 Tearhead Concept Overview 02/27/13 09:48AM 3 Approved

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