Latex & Vinyl != Spandex & Lycra

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Whoa.  I think there needs to be a Spandex page to balance this out.

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There's already a Spandex page

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@maimran91 said:
" There's already a Spandex page "
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@Coombs:  How did you put that link. I can't do it
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@maimran91: You do realize that this thread is a year and a half old and, at the time, there probably wasn't a spandex page. 
Also to put a link on something you have to highlight a word and the click the link button next to the insert button. It should be self explanatory from there 
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Write something, Like the word spandex  
Then Highlight it 
Then the link symbol should become visible (Left of the word insert)   
Click it, And either search for, or add a link.

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