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As expected from the token “Ryu-like” character in both Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire and Jackie Chan - The Kung-Fu Master, Lau is a straight-forward karate practitioner, featuring special moves in the vein of the “Hadouken,” “Shoryuken” and “Hurricane Kick.”


Lau is considered to be top tier in the competitive scene for his ability to be played both as an intense rush down character and an extremely safe turtle-style character. His quick speed, damaging specials and ease of combos makes him incredibly powerful, but its his ability to force blocks and gain free chip damage that makes him so deadly. Once in range of his crouching hard kick, Lau can take control of the match with many safe options. 

Signature Moves

Air Screw

Thrusting his arms forward, Lau wraps his arm in energy for a multi-hit attack. While not technically a projectile, utilizing it as a zoning tool is essentially the same. The light punch version of the Air Screw is safe on block, while the hard punch version is easily hit confirmed off of his long reaching crouching hard kick.

Air Cutter

Typically referred to as his “Shoryuken,” Lau’s Air Cutter is a leaping uppercut much like Ryu’s of Street Fighter fame. Unlike Ryu’s trademark technique, Lau’s Air Cutter is not typically used as an anti-air due to the arc of the attack, but an exclamation point at the end of a combo or juggle attack.

Air Kick

More like a Dankukyaku than a hurricane kick, Lau’s Air Kick is a three-hit flying combination of kicks. While the light kick version is seldom used (due to its lack of knockdown), the hard kick version is an important part of Lau’s bread and butter combo, as it leads to a juggle state. It’s important to note that his attack whiffs on crouching characters.

Super Air Screw (Super)

The projectile version of the Air Screw, Lau unleashes the energy from his hands in the form of fireball and fires it at his opponent. This is considered to be one of the better super moves found in Fists of Fire, but it has one serious flaw: the fireball is made of many tiny projectiles and only the final hit actually knocks the opponent down, making it not 100% reliable in punishment situations. For example, if Lau attempts to hit confirm the Super Air Screw from a far reaching crouching roundhouse, the first few hits of the super will push the opponent back, giving them enough recovery time to block the remaining hits. 

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