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Has anyone tried this yet? I'm in the mood for a little L.A. Noire style crime solving and am hoping Telltale don't fuck this up (Jurassic Park...). Anyway, I've heard stuff on other forums saying it was very linear and kind of like Blues Clues style find the hidden item. So I'm somewhat torn as these qualities do have the potential for some entertaining stories.

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Im not getting it because there are only like 3 episodes.

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Jeff Gerstmann says: Points.

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I won't lie, my interest sort of died for it because it's not SVU. A strict SVU game could be awesome. It has Olivia in it, I guess (from what Wikipedia says anyway), but that's not really the same thing.

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Jurassic park wasnt bad, but it was janky, The Pc version was way better then the crappy Ps3 port( Quick look ). the one major mark down i would give it would be the story. the only thing that bugged out for me was at the start i would get some audio repeating, but that fixed its self.

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Being a huge L&O nerd this looks pretty appealing to me. From what I could gather after watching the trailer it doesn't have the original voice actors but other than that it looks okay. Currently $17 on Steam so a little cheaper than the other Telltale games.

Also no Munch. NO MUNCH. What the hell?

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Who's the guy in the middle of the picture?

I see Van Buren, Curtis, some random white guy, Benson, and Logan.

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