2 New Champions Revealed!

#1 Posted by Luke (1609 posts) -

Hey guys, just thought I'd let ya'll know that Riot Games has finally let lose 2 new Champions to the world, outside of the Beta. 

Cho'Gath - The Black Terror 
Amumu - The Sad Mummy 

I've played quite a ton of Amumu in Beta (but I do go back and forth between Evelyn, Teemo, and Amumu), but due to that damn NDA, I could never tell anyone about him until today: 

Someone should really maybe make some Giant Bomb Wiki Pages on these 2 guys, as well as others still not in the Giant Bomb database (I'm too busy at the moment otherwise I totally would). 

Anyway, check-em-out and make some Wiki Updates people! :p 

#2 Posted by Teirdome (262 posts) -

Emo Mummy is such an awesome concept.  <3 it!

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