A fan project 3 months in the making: a Mobile Tribunal app

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As the title suggests, I've been spending my spare time working on this with reddit user Kayson and it's finally ready to show off! Please note that this is an unofficial product and we have no affiliation with Riot whatsoever.

How do I get it?

Visit https://tribunal.herokuapp.com/ in any modern web browser. (desktop or mobile)

It has been tested in all major desktop browsers, iOS, Android, WP7, webOS, etc. Opera Mini and Symbian both have limitations that prevent it from working properly. iOS users should save the page to their home screen and re-launch it from there to get some extra screen real estate.

I'm too lazy to reach for my phone or visit that link. What does it look like?

Well, maybe you can be bothered to visit these links instead. Here's what it looks like on an iPad and on an iPhone. It looks almost identical on other mobile platforms, as the web was intended to.

Wait, does this mean I have to give you my password?

Unfortunately, yes. We have taken a number of steps to make sure your password is as safe as possible.

  1. Your password is never saved on the server. There is no database used by the app. The option for remembering your password saves it on your phone, not with us.
  2. All SSL, all the time. Your connection to the app and our background connection to Riot are encrypted.
  3. The app is open source, meaning you can verify 1 & 2 for yourself if you feel the need. See: https://github.com/noahm/MobileTribunal

Sorry, I still don't trust you with my password. Wat do?

Well, no one said you have to use our app. If you're feeling left out, you can still grab a copy of the source, comb through it until you're satisfied it's safe, and put it up on a host you trust and use it from there. You should have just as good an experience as using it from our host. If you don't know how to do any of that, maybe you have a friend that does.

I found a bug! Where can I yell at you guys?

Our official page for any kind of feedback is: http://www.reddit.com/r/mobiletribunal/. We'll also announce any updates or changes here, so drop by for more recent news.

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Dude, that is actually pretty sick. I've only used the Tribunal once but I was sitting there for like half an hour doing it. Doing it on the go would be sick.

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This is awesome. I've started reviewing cases on my bus rides to and from work. :)

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I think, this is the first time I really felt like a smartphone might be something I would use.

That is not good, my brick works fine :(

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