Atrocious Downloader

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Was the downloader always this bad to redownload this game? I'm trying to play this game on my brother's laptop, but I guess I've done something terrible...

I've started it twice and it stopped at 1%, and the last time it crashed on me...

#2 Posted by FluffyZombeh (58 posts) -

Yup, it's pretty damn bad. Sometimes there isn't a problem but other then that yeah it's very shitty.

#3 Posted by Detrian (1134 posts) -

The downloader? Yeah it's awful. Mine wouldn't stop crashing unless I had it running on top of everything else, the attention whore.

#4 Posted by MasturbatingestBear (1300 posts) -

I just redownloaded this game after having not played since February and the downloader ran perfectly fine so I didn't know what you were talking about. But then I remember one of the previous times downloading it, it would just randomly stop downloading and not tell me. So id have to look at the numbers to make sure they were going up every half our or so, and if it paused I had to restart launcher. Seems to be off and on.

#5 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

The downloader is what stopped me from ever trying LoL. The experience I had was bad enough for me to totally give up on that game.

#6 Posted by ds8k (427 posts) -

Never had a problem with the downloader on two different machines. Maybe look around the LoL forums for a solution?

#7 Posted by jakob187 (22309 posts) -

You know what the worst part of the downloader is?

It doesn't properly install all the shit that you need to actually play the game if you are doing a fresh install. It gives you Pando Media Booster, but no Adobe AIR, no NET, nothing. In turn, you could download the game and install it from the downloader shit, but it could give you errors all day and you wouldn't know any better unless you've played the shit out of it and know these things. So dumb.

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