being presumptuous at this point but

#1 Posted by crapneck (164 posts) -

if there is a pax skin this year could someone hook me up? i plan on going to pax east next year but i'd really appreciate it.

#2 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

PAX Jax is I think the only one that is available this year.

#3 Edited by psoplayer (273 posts) -
#4 Posted by BakerTheZombie (87 posts) -

PAX Jax was so much better than PAX Sivir. Plus, it rhymed.

#5 Posted by crapneck (164 posts) -

i think the sivir skin looks pretty rad. i was saying someone should make a tron sivir skin and i guess this is sorta kinda close...not really

#6 Posted by Detrian (1134 posts) -

I just want a riot Singed. It's literally the only champion I play.

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