CG video for new champ Jinx.

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I guess when you only have one game and a Scrooge McDuck amount of money you can do cool stuff. I like that Riot does this, it makes new champs more of an event then just throwing them up on the servers. Between this and getting the Crystal Method to do Lucians intro music the last few champ releases have been pretty rad. Hopefully they keep this up for the future characters.

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Harley Qu- I mean Jinx looks like a pretty fun character from what I've seen of people playing although two ADC's in a row is sorta weird.

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God i love this game ! that looked awesome

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Add one more to the list of half naked women in LoL.

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Dota you guys.

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That's actually a really cool video. Does a good job of not doing that embarrassing "too cool" thing that CG trailers for games tend to do.

I have and continue to have no interest in playing LoL but I'll watch more of these if they keep making them.

Also, anyone know the artist of this song? I tried going into the YouTube comments for the answer but backed off real quick.

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@superwristbands: I could be wrong but it sounds like Nicki Taylor. It would make sense, she did the Vi intro as well and Jinx and Vi hate each other. And might be sisters? Not sure about that bit. But yeah it sounds like her anyway.

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Eh. She'll be a strong pubstomper to carry people out of bronze, but in high level play, she's going to drop off after about a month.

The video was alright. The animation felt weird for some reason, though. Can't put my finger on it.

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If I don't end up playing LoL cos of this (Dota Player) I am however going to look up more of this music. Get Jinxed removed from LOL is an amazing song and video.

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That seems abit much

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@thesoutherndandy said:

@superwristbands: I could be wrong but it sounds like Nicki Taylor. It would make sense, she did the Vi intro as well and Jinx and Vi hate each other. And might be sisters? Not sure about that bit. But yeah it sounds like her anyway.

Description says

Vocals by: Agnete Kjølsrud from the band Djerv.


@the_laughing_man said:

That seems abit much

Dude this is Gaint Bomb. I thought we loved "A Bit much.". TBH I like this more than what some companies do (Jet set reviewers out ot butt fuck no were to try and schmooze them with strippers and Jet ski Ride) same money put into something more like "art".

I just love this video. I looked at the playing of her in LOL (or even playing lol) and went "nah...." but this music video it hits my buttons.

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@thesoutherndandy: Oh. I found it in the YouTube description just now haha. I really need to get used to going to those before anything else.

It's Agnete Kjølsrud from the band Djerv in case anyone is interested.

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I approve of them doing stupid stuff like this and the esports anime thing. Money spent on neat little hypebuilding is aaaalright with me.

They still have issues with pacing their videos, but hey, pure budget can make up for a lot. So pwetty.

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@tobbrobb: Agreed, I liked that anime thing, it was goofy but interesting. I'm glad they're putting that cash to use on some of this stuff.

@superwristbands: @akyho: Oh sweet they must have updated the description.

@jakob187: It looks like they've mixed some 2D animation in there mainly on the effects an stuff? I think? That might be it.

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adc is the role I enjoy playing least but I can't wait for Jinx to be released.

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That was a great video. I really enjoyed how the background was 2D animation & not 3D animation.

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Love the Jinx video, people should also check out the Road to the Cup video they made, Its incredible.

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Art style reminds me of Jackie Chan Adventures or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Kinda makes me wish it was a real cartoon.

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I am not the biggest fan of Lol anymore.

But that was pretty cool, very nice for new champions, if they do this with every new one from now on.

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As long as my RP purchases fund shit like this, it's money well spent. Riot is such a cool company, if only they could get EUW to run consistently. Rito pls

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