Dominion best thing to happen to MOBA genre?

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So i have been playing LoL for about a year now, i had to stop for awhile because of the mac beta being shutdown but i found a workaround not too long ago. Anyways, I tried Dominion today and i have to say it is just extremely refreshing to finally have a new game mode within the MOBA genre. While everyone else (HoN and other crappy titles) copied Dota's map without really innovating much, Riot created something that i think will do a the MOBA genre a favor by making it more popular.

your thoughts?

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Eh. Bloodline champions has had a mode just like it for over a year, it's just that no one plays that game.

It's not a revolution, it won't appeal to new people and it's nothing to get so excited about.

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*commiseration for mac beta shutting down* Boompje is the man. Though this is why I am still waiting for my Riot refund (that i doubt we will ever see) and why Riot will never get a cent of my money again. I've never seen a company handle something so badly.

As far as Dominion goes...I don't agree. It's a fun aside mode, and a good Dominion game can be great. The qualifier is it has to be a 'good' Dominion game. In my 20 odd games of Dominion, I've had maybe two matches that were. It seems that most maps end up with a leaver, which absolutely and totally ruins Dominion unless Riot puts some kind of balancing mechanic in. Summoner's Rift, and other dota games, naturally balance themselves. A team of 4 players is going to get more experience and gold in lane just by having one less player (It's why you often want a jungle hero). In Dominion, experience and gold are passively gained for the most part, doing nothing but absolutely punishing a player that has a leaver. Let's face it, most modern moba games have leavers a majority of the time.

Couple that with the fact that any side modes can't be properly balanced if you want Summoner's Rift (where competitive play will take place) to be balanced, and Dominion remains a fun aside to get some IP when you don't have the time for a proper game. Heros that are just totally broken for the mode and the fact that one person leaving the game ends it makes it too precarious to actually have serious traction.

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@Addfwyn: Mhm. Most of my matches seemed to have already been decided in the very beginning, and that's not really fun. Not to mention the imbalanced champions, let alone teams, that just wreck everyone else. Dominion needs a lot of improvements to not be so frustrating. Right now, it's even more broken than The Twisted Treeline.

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I totally agree with you OP. I stopped playing LoL a couple months ago, but came back to try out Dominion and absolutely love it. It's so fast paced and new.

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@Addfwyn: I hardly ever get leavers and haven't gotten a single one in dominion yet. The biggest problem for me is when a team doesn't understand that you need to defend to win and can't just keep diving into new CPs. That aside, the game can be great because of it's hard swings. Just last night my team came back and won from 200-300 points down.

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It's boring now that people know what wins but it's still better than SR for solo queueing and getting some quick games in.

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@YI_Orange: Hah, I have the opposite problems. People don't understand that you can't play defensive if the enemy team holds more point than you do. And then they wonder why is our Nexus' health 200 lower than theirs... I swear every second match after the enemy captured the Windmill they could just stop playing and still win...

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Best thing, not at all.

Best attempt at changing the strict rules of how a Moba works? Definitely. This is like the only non-standard moba game mode I've ever seen.

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The mode certainly needs some balancing and tweaking, which I have no doubt it'll get. I really like the fact that it makes a number of champions that have been unused and cast aside in classic play viable again. Also it's just a lot less stressful and you can actually get through a game in under 40 minutes. It's not going to replace summoners rift, but as a new spin on a formula that's quickly digging itself into a deep, deep rut I love it and appreciate Riot being willing to try to innovate even in the face of players (not all, but you know who you are) who will never except anything that isn't a "pure" DOTA experience. On the whole I think it's a positive.

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Honestly I think the best thing to happen to the MOBA genre is League of Legends itself. It gives the casual player a chance to get their feet wet in the genre for FREE, it's simple to pick up and play, yet tough to master. There is a lot of depth to the system as far as adding the mastery points and runes and so forth. Compare that to something like HoN where the community is so hardcore about it, the barrier to entry may be to the point where a newb will just give up on the genre entirely.
I played my first game of Dominion last night and really had fun with it. It was a nice change of pace from the normal LoL games. Is it perfect? No of course not, but Riot will patch what they need to patch and make sure it listens to the community. I think the best part of it is that it may only take 15 - 20 minutes to play a match as opposed to the 45 - 60 minutes for a normal match. It gives fans a nice quick diversion and a chance to try out new champions. I really enjoy it and am trying my best to get more people to play LoL.
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No, because Bloodline Champions was already doing this kind of gameplay.

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I definitely love LoL now and only liked it before. I just sort of get bored of the slow early game that can happen in LoL. Dominion is paced just right and I have had so many close games that have been heart-pounding.

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I enjoy Dominion quite a bit. There is less whining and less consequence from feeding/dying. I've seen quite a few hard swing comebacks too.

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Not sure if the best thing ever but I do apreciate Riot team efforts to innovate and evolve the genre, unlike Icefraud 
yeah Valve you got the wrong guy this time. 

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*something about Dota 2*

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Bloodline Champions already had a similar mode. Either way, I don't care much for Dominion, even though it can be fun if not played too often.

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