EUW Casual / Ranked play and Wembley Arena LCS

#1 Posted by rhinomike (2 posts) -

I have 900 normal wins and invested a lot of time in league. I have however not really been playing since last summer, partly due to the group of people I was playing with drifting off and partly because of my waning interest in the game.

I am looking to possibly get back into and thought it would be fun to do so with some other people.

On another not is anyone from the UK or Europe thinking of going to the LCS at Wembley Arena?

#2 Posted by MarkR (43 posts) -

You can add me if you want, my summoner name is Moshtly. I mainly just play with my friends, and we usually don't take the game very seriously (you have been warned). Still, I'd rather have a fellow duder than some random on my team when we're not a full 5 man team.

#3 Posted by Warframe121 (5 posts) -

I'm looking for a partner for duo's on EuW, i'm currently a silver 4 support (I was gold 5 in season 3, but stopped playing for a while). PM me if your on the EuW server.

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