Few Jungle Videoes I Made

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I've been making a few new jungle videos for season two. They're nothing mind blowing, but they have all the runes, masteries and what skill order you need. So far I have up Poppy, Gangplank and Yi. Gonna put Nasus up later and trundle or rammus by the end of the week.


If you guys like them thumbs up the page and like our site on face book!



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These are really good. Succinct and good quality.

I'm just starting to learn to jungle and it's tedious trying to find jungle guides that are up to date. I would really appreciate a jungle Warwick guide.

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@frost_falcon: You can embed them by highlighting the text and clicking the little chain link button beside insert.
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The first video I watched was the Malphite jungle one. You are making your Malphite jungle much harder than it needs to be. Start with Ground Slam rather than Brutal Strikes, as you'll have more armor in the beginning anyways, so the move hits harder and gets rid of minis way faster than what you were already doing. Also, a leash would be an obvious bonus to this, making that blue way easier to snag. Beyond that, I run a very weird setup on my runes for jungle Malphite: 6x armor red, 3x phys dmg red, 9 armor yellow, 9 MR/lvl blue, and 3 armor pen quint with a basic 9/21/0 jungle mastery. That makes my ground slam hit hard as fuck, while the extra phys dmg and armor pen quints gives my Brutal Strikes the armor pen and dmg necessary (through masteries and quints) to deal the "true dmg" needed for quicker jungle.

Also, if you are going to be starting with Brutal Strikes, you should switch out blues for attack speed rather than MR. You'll get plenty of MR through the course of the game, so the MR quints are inconsequential and kind of useless. Meanwhile, starting with Ground Slam gives you a reason to start with MR blues instead and be a bit tankier in the early game.

Then again, I think Malphite is the only one of the three you have videos for that I care to jungle with at all. With the revamp, I would much rather go with guys like Skarner, Renekton, or my new favorite Shyvana. They have super gank capabilities at lvl 2 (which is now the new meta) while also being able to burn through the jungle stupid fast because of their spam moves. Shyvana is especially great as she will always have great CS while also being able to move in for a gank super fast because of her W and dragon. I typically pick up at least 2 or 3 kills before I ever hit 6 in matches now with her, and her build is pretty fucking cheap: Wriggle's, Wit's, Wing Boots, and TF. After that, you build tanky shit until you get either six slotted or close to six, then sell off Wit's for a Black Cleaver.

Still, the jungle videos are good. You should play around with some of those setups a bit more. Just a few tips to think about, that's all.

@Nighthawk871: Don't use Warwick. He's now something like a C-list jungler. Sure, he's still got some of the quickest jungle (along with Udyr and Lee Sin), but because the new meta is "gank at lvl 2 and secure first blood ASAP", Wick is low-end because he ganks for shit at lvl 2. Hell, right now, Maokai, Taric, and Shen are better choices for jungle. Warwick is now better sitting in lane, but even then, there's no real place for him at the moment because of how the meta of team comps is solo top/ap mid/ranged AD with support bot/jungler. You CAN use Warwick, but you'll probably be very unhappy with the results.

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@jakob187: The majority of my games don't have any junglers at all, so the current meta is mostly irrelevant to me. I just plan to use Warwick as a stepping stone to get a feel for jungling. He doesn't have any problems making through the first clear and his ganks are relatively idiot proof after level 6.

You also have to remember that I'm IP constrained. I don't have access to very many champs and I need to buy more runes to jungle effectively and Warwick is a cheap option. I will certainly move on to someone like Udyr once I have a better feel for ganking and have the IP.


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