Free Beta Keys

#1 Posted by skullduggerman (11 posts) -

I'm sitting on six keys right now and I'll send them to the first six to message me. Don't ask for one here cause I won't be checking just send me a PM. I'll post again when all the keys are gone.
P.S. I think league of legends is some serious fun if you give it a chance. If you aren't an old DOTA ace prepare to get your shit kicked in upon loading up the game. Just give it time and eventually you'll be the one kicking shit in.

#2 Posted by Red (6146 posts) -

I have 6 too.

#3 Posted by skullduggerman (11 posts) -

I'm sorry I forgot to add: In your PM give me your email address. I still have keys left and I'm sure Red does as well.

#4 Posted by ieatlions (749 posts) -
@Red:@skullduggerman: ive been trying to find a beta key is there anyway either of you could share ?
#5 Edited by Darg (34 posts) -

I have ten to give away as well.

#6 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4995 posts) -

Everyone that gets in gets 5, right?

#7 Posted by Darg (34 posts) -

I don't know if new accounts get them or not. Every current account got five a few days ago, though.

#8 Posted by addictedtopinescent (3634 posts) -
@skullduggerman: Hey bro, I want one 
#9 Posted by McPaper (285 posts) -

Im a heroes of newerth beta player, I'd love to get a key for me and a friend.

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I got 7 beta keys, send me a PM with your email and you maybe get one.
EDIT: gone!

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I also have 6 If anyone wants one. Just PM me your email.
All Gone

#12 Posted by conrow (74 posts) -
I'd enjoy using one of those

#13 Posted by tychoon (133 posts) - 
If anybody has an extra key =).

#14 Posted by SoothsayerGB (1500 posts) -

I have 345 Beta keys and 17 Alpha.  PM me your eye color, foot size and body mass. So I can ready the Timexon 4.7 for transport to the past.
*** WARNING!!! ***
Red heads must not apply, time travel particle reanimation mechanics, can not reconstruct gingers in past time intervals without excessive brain leakage.  
*** WARNING!!! ***

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A spare beta key would be much apprieciated thanks. 
Edit: I got one, Thanks guys.
#16 Posted by Fission_Mailed (2 posts) -

If someone could give me a beta key, I'd be very happy.

#17 Posted by Kouerson (244 posts) -

#18 Posted by Sjupp (1944 posts) -

Um... isn't this game getting released (free to play) like one week from now?

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i have 6 pm me if you want one
EDIT: all out now

#20 Posted by Darg (34 posts) -
@Sjupp: Yep :-0
#21 Posted by crase (3 posts) -
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#23 Posted by Demento (55 posts) -

I would like one please.

#24 Posted by andrewng (4 posts) -
#25 Posted by m1k3 (1433 posts) -
#26 Posted by Swiftling (12 posts) - Will be REALLY happy if you send one to me. Thanks and Thumbs up :)

#27 Posted by starfox_of_the_damned (64 posts) -
#28 Posted by Six (620 posts) -

Why do you keep talking about me?  

as I see it, I am the first Six to reply.

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If there is one still going round i would muchly appreciate it,  
- got one, thank you very much :D

#30 Posted by andrewng (4 posts) -

Thank you to a Darg for sending me a Beta invite.
#31 Edited by DRE7777 (412 posts) -

I'll take one if you guys have any left. Can't wait for this game. 
BTW when exactly is this game comming out ?
#32 Posted by Darg (34 posts) -

It was me! You are welcome.
I have sent a bunch out from this and other threads and surprisingly few have been activated.

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