Good League Of Legends Videos?

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I have been playing LoL for a few months now and I'm trying to get better at it. I have a solid understanding of the game now and have watched some of MLG games. I was wondering if any of you out there know of good YouTube channels or videos for someone like me to watch to help move into more advanced play.

Characters I have so far: Teemo (main. I know, I'm a dick), Warwick, Jax (just unlocked), Singed, Ashe, Caitlyn (Main), and Twisted Fate.

The ones that I have main on are just the ones I am most familiar with at the moment.

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Look up TiensiNoAkuma on youtube and check out his Tips and Tricks videos. It's just a lot of good little info/basics that can get overlooked and just refine your gameplay. I know a lot of people watch streams too; I don't personally know any however.

From the champs you listed, looks like you would go top quite a bit, or AD carry with Cait? I'd say just look for streamers that play the same lanes you do and emulate them as best you can.

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I don't know about YouTube videos, but you should check out some of the top players streaming. Right now, it's probably gonna be difficult to catch them streaming, because everyone is preparing for regionals, but some of them can be quite educational (or you can just watch them to see their mechanics at work.) Some players I'd recommend: TheOddOne, SaintVicious, Dyrus, Scarra, Ocelote. You'll usually find links to current streams on popular LoL sites like,,, etc. Some of the sites also have archived videos within their featured guides.

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I think Ciderhelm still does stuff. He had some basic videos and more in depth on specific champions. I don't always agree with him, but it might be a good start.

I think the real way to get better though, is just to play a lot and play with experienced friends. "Or friendly strangers for that matter".

The hardest and most time consuming part of the game is learning how all of the champions/items work, what they are good at, and who they are good/bad against. This isn't really something you can depend on someone else for. I recommend trying all free characters when you can, regardless if they look interesting or not. Just to understand them better.

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I'd recommend going to teevox and checking out the streams. TheOddOne is a great stream to watch since he often talks his way through his games explaining his reasoning. But really your better off playing with a friend who knows the game and can talk you through some of it.

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@LackLuster: Check a video series on youtube called 'TheOddone daily rage' - he goes through junglers but he explains a lot about how every lane works. He also gives a great insight on how jungling should work and since any lane can be ganked by junglers, it's worth checking out.

He also explains stuff like wards and timers well. Watching his videos have really tightened my game, and I've been playing for over a year.

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Thanks for the tips all. Much appreciated.

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I honestly got better from watching to pro tournaments and just playing non-stop.

Also, learning what the other champions do and how to avoid their moves is always the way to win. Knowing when a blitz is going to throw his grab and thing like that are always the way to beat someone. Look for tells, someone standing a little too still and such.

You might already know it, but is a great place.

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how to play karthus

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How to ward:

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Cinderhelm is always a good source for info on newer champs, honestly think they surpass the summoner showcases on so many levels..

Also, how can we have a chat on LoL videos without including:

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