Halloween Skins Leaked!

#1 Posted by jakob187 (22605 posts) -

Too much awesome to withstand! The skins are:

  • Frankenstein Annie
  • Incognito Blitzcrank
  • Ghost Nocturne
  • Witch Nidalee
  • Surprise Fiddlesticks

The Fiddlesticks skin is special because it was an epic thread on the LoL forums about creating a "Surprise Party Fiddlesticks" legendary skin. In turn, Riot decided it was a fantastic idea and finally created the skin. Personally, I'm most excited about Frankenstein Annie since she is my main. I think I'm finally going to buy Blitzcrank, though. That skin is too fucking boss for words!

All the skins will supposedly be available in the upcoming Graves patch, and supposedly, there will be a Halloween bundle that has all the skins for a discounted price. That's merely a rumor, though.

Are you guys picking up any of the skins? Which ones?

#2 Posted by EvilAshe (54 posts) -

The skins all seem goddamn cool (especially Bride of Frankenstein Annie), I just wish they'd release new ones for guys I actully, y'know, play rather than the umpteenth Teemo/Annie/whatever skin. Leona gets no love :(

Also anything the encourages people to play Fiddles is evil and should be bannCAWCAWCAWCAWCAW

#3 Posted by SuperWristBands (2281 posts) -

I bet he gives all the ladies some "surprise fiddlesticks". Oooooh yeaaaah.

#4 Posted by ShaunK (1553 posts) -

No Twisted? Lame man. Real lame. I hate Fiddledicks so much.

#5 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

Out of those I'm only interested in Nocturne skin. Also, it's great that that Fiddle skin got realized, but other champions need some love, too. Like Swain.

#6 Posted by amomjc (978 posts) -

Is the Fiddlesticks one real? I don't remember seeing it in their preview video.

#7 Posted by HeroicDrinkingSong (162 posts) -

I understand why they concentrate on the more popular champions for the holiday skins but sometimes... I mean do we really need another Annie skin? Really?

#8 Posted by mazik765 (2350 posts) -

I just started playing Blitzcrank and Nocturne a bunch so this is pretty awesome for me :)

#9 Edited by jakob187 (22605 posts) -

@valrog said:

Out of those I'm only interested in Nocturne skin. Also, it's great that that Fiddle skin got realized, but other champions need some love, too. Like Swain.

It's already been stated by Riot that Crimson Commander Swain will be coming down the pipeline as they build up the backstory of the Crimson Elite a bit more. However, I still think that they've broken Swain down to a lesser champ with some of the recent changes they did to him as well as stuff like Spirit Visage and such.

I picked up Definitely Not Blitzcrank and Frankentibbers Annie. I should also point out that they are technically saying Super Teemo is a "Halloween" skin, but it won't be a Limited Skin. I picked that one up too.

I understand why people are hating the influx of Annie and Teemo skins. However, as someone who mains Annie, I cannot complain about it. I also think that a lot of the champs that they haven't put out a mass of skins for...typically have pretty damn good skins already.

@amomjc said:

Is the Fiddlesticks one real? I don't remember seeing it in their preview video.

They ended up holding the Fiddlesticks one out. Apparently, it will be released for Riot's one year birthday or something. As long as it will still see a release, then rad.

#10 Posted by 1337W422102 (1204 posts) -

Unf, dat witch.

#11 Posted by TomA (2787 posts) -

@jakob187: Agreed. Leona is still pretty new so I can see why she doesn't have any extra skins yet. But for fucks sake, Udyr STILL only has his 2 shipping skins, and if I'm not mistaken, he was the first paid character to be released after the game shipped. I don't know where it is but somewhere on the web there's a list of all the characters that only have 2 extra skins, and it's a fuck ton. And yet we have 6 teemo skins.

BTW I found a list but it's kinda old. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=445796

#12 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

Bought the shit out of that new champion.
It's weird they charge RP for him, he's almost a carbon copy of Blitz.

#13 Posted by valrog (3741 posts) -

@jakob187: Too bad that Crimson Elite skins are horrible.

#14 Posted by jakob187 (22605 posts) -

@valrog: What, you mean Magneto Talon and Cool Sword Riven? Funny thing: I hated the shit out of that Talon skin, but now it has grown on me. I like the in-game look, hate the splash art. As for Riven's, eh...her sword makes up for the badness.

The thing is that Swain's will be a Commander outfit, not some Elite one like pansy Talon and Riven.

Also, SURPRISE PARTY FIDDLES IS OUT NOW! It's so goddamn awesome!

#15 Posted by EvilAshe (54 posts) -

Why do they always die when I throw them a party? I bring balloons and everything.

It's just like when I hug people with Amumu...

#16 Posted by Buscemi (1125 posts) -

Boring. Make skins for some fun champions!

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