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Hey there Gents,

Would love some help understanding the short-hand lingo when playing. Other than my SC2 terminology (6pool, mmm, TvP) I have no idea what ppl are talking about. Thanks in advance.

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That link is good, though most of those are never used.
The main ones you need to know are: 

b - (back or back up), meaning you should retreat to a safer area because you're in danger of getting attacked and killed.  

CC - Crowd Control, all the stuns and stuff, im sure you can probably figure that out. You'll generally hear "We don't have enough CC" or "They have too much CC :(" 

farming - Killing minions for gold 

last hitting - Timing your attacks to get the last hit on minions so that you get the bonus gold (AKA the most important thing) 

oom - Out Of Mana. If a teammate says this, it means they're probably not going to be any use in a fight, so if you're relying on them to win a battle, don't engage the enemy. 

Grass/Bush/Brush - The tall grass areas where you can't see the enemy inside. Always check the brush when you can by walking in and making sure its empty, but always be careful if the enemy is missing.
mia - Missing In Action, usually you'll hear "Top mia" when 1 or both of the enemies in the top lane are missing. This means to watch out for them coming down to attack another lane.
Gank - Common term in games, but a gank is a surprise attack on the enemy or ally. Watch out for the MIA's to avoid these as much as possible.
Ward - Wards are an item that place a little beacon on the ground that give your team vision. If you have an enemy who is ganking often, you can put wards out in the jungle and river to see them coming in time to escape. There's good guides on locations for warding on the internet, but generally just think about the areas that get the most traffic and where they come to attack from.
Jungle - The Jungle is the forest area between the lanes, where the neutral minion camps are. Watch out for all the brush and winding paths, enemies that are missing might be in there.
Jungler - A jungler is someone who instead of starting in a lane like normal, levels up by killing the neutral minion camps in the jungle area. This leaves one of your lanes a man down obviously, but as long as that person can handle the 1v2, its a huge boon for your team because that solo player gets much more exp, as does the jungler. So you end up with an exp advantage, and the jungler is hard to track because they don't have a lane to be in, so they can gank the enemy frequently if they're good.  Jungling is somewhat advanced, so read a guide before trying it.
tp - Teleport, the summoner spell usually. Players will often tell you they'll teleport to the location quickly, so you can plan your attacks accordingly.
AD - Attack Damage, physical attack damage essentially
AP - Ability Power, magic damage.
Auto Attack - This is the right click basic attack that all champions possess.

That's mostly it, other than champion types. I'll give a brief explanation of those.
Carry - A Carry "Carries" the team to victory essentially. They're almost always physical damage characters, and generally rely on their skills and items to make their auto attacks hit crazy hard towards the end of a match and just dominate the enemy team. I'm sure you've seen this happen a few times at least. Typically these champions have pretty weak early games, so a good team focuses on making sure they're getting harassed constantly and can't farm properly and get to their items. Makes sense, if someone is really powerful at the end of the game, don't let them get there. Examples of a Carry are Tryndamere, Master Yi, Gangplank, etc
Mage/Caster - You can think of these as the magical equivalent of a Carry, they focus on getting tons of Ability Power (AP), and doing huge damage spells on the enemy. However, because of how spells/skills (same thing) have cooldowns, its not usually possible for a Mage to be able to wipe the entire enemy team all at once like how a Carry does. Inevitably they'll have to wait for their skills to come off cooldown. For a carry, their skills are usually secondary and just support their killing with auto attacks. Examples of Mages are Veigar, LeBlanc, Annie, etc
Support - Supports as you might imagine, focus on supporting your team. These can be extremely effective when used properly. They can stun and slow enemies so your carry can catch up and destroy them, or you can buff up that carry to make them even stronger or keep them alive when the enemy tries to focus him down. Supports are also a lot of fun to play when you're learning, because you can still be helpful without your team being entirely dependant on you being awesome to win. Just remember you're pretty squishy! Examples of Supports: Janna, Kayle, Soraka, etc
Tank - A fairly obvious one as well, the tank focuses on getting extremely hard to kill, and protecting your squishy teammates from the enemy. Usually the Tank has some skills that they can use to pull the enemy off your teammates, like a taunt or the like that prevents them from attacking the targets they want to attack. There are 3 ways that you can build yourself for defence: HP, Armor, and Magic Armor. Usually a mix of some sort is used, but some champions have abilities that give them bonuses for one particular type, such as a skill that does bonus damage equal to their armor, or other things like that. Its very obvious how to build the character when they have those sorts of things though. Examples of Tanks: Rammus, Cho Gath, Amumu, Shen, etc
There are other types of champions that I am leaving out, most notably assassins, but they all fall into one of these 4 catagories, and almost all champions will be hybrids of some sort, so you have some freedom in how you want to play them. If you look at the characters tab under your profile in LoL, you can see the different types they have and see how there are hybrid characters.
If you have any other questions about anything relating to the game, feel free to ask me via PM or in this thread. Also feel free to add Xeiphyer in game (NA server) if you want.

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Jungle gank coming mid from tribrush need a ward at a dragon support cv their blue please oh shit they're taking baron push mid need CC on their AP carry and I'll initiate with taunt Tyrndamere is mia oh shit they're split pushing our towers fuck the Nexus is down gg.

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One you might see is "SS mid/top/bot"

This means the same as MIA, although i have no clue what it actually stands for, thats just what it means :p

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^^^^^^^^^^^^ What he said, x10, those are all really important, especially warding and MIA/SS, because the more you know about the other teams locations, the safer you are to continue playing.

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@Canteu said:

One you might see is "SS mid/top/bot"

This means the same as MIA, although i have no clue what it actually stands for, thats just what it means :p

I think it's taken from missing. Also that page lacks re, which is when an enemy champion returns to his lane (stops being ss).

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Thank you much, all this is incredibly helpful!

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Another that nobody mentioned is "CS" which is a term originally from DotA, which means "Creep Score".

Basically, when you press tab and see how many minions or "creeps" you've killed, that's your CS.

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