How much have you spent on League of Legends?

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#51 Posted by Xeiphyer (5615 posts) -

Several hundreds of dollars.

#52 Posted by Arkasai (702 posts) -

@blindisaac: The money part isn't that worrisome, I'm sure a lot of us spend many times more than we should on our hobbies, and $1000 over three years is actually quite low. It's that "can't get enough" behavior that really struck me there, I'm also assuming he plays roughly the same way he did on his previous account. I just can't imagine buying all the same stuff and having it feel the same the sixth time through.

#53 Posted by CaptainCody (1526 posts) -

I think anyone saying they haven't spent money don't have a job to begin with. $50 is nothing and will net you 100000 IP in sale champs. $50 or 1000 games to earn that.

#54 Posted by fugie7 (1109 posts) -

well I just got the game. So i would say abut 2 to 3 hours...idk

#55 Posted by StarvingGamer (8608 posts) -

None of the dollars, and I always boggle my eyes at my friend who buys a ton of skins. Then again I've only played up to like level 14 so I'm not exactly a hardcore LoL'er. I play a mean Blitz though if I can find the right group composition.

#56 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

@TaliciaDragonsong said:

@jakob187: I don't play pvp or co op vs ai however, just vs bots :P Boring? Yes, very much so but I've had some experiences with randoms that made me want to give up on any sort of online ever. No rush, enough games to play, LoL will be there waiting for me!

Heh, not to sound like a misogynist or anything, but is this a girl habit? I have a few friends online that only play versus bots, and my own roommate does the same thing, claiming not to want to deal with other people, but just play against stupid, predictable bots. Seems almost kind of pointless to me, then again even with all the trolls and such, I enjoy a human opponent who simply outplays me, and makes me think of how I can improve myself.

@Bobby_The_Great said:

Zero. I don't even know how to play, and when I tried to learn how to play, everyone just cussed me out and were a bunch of dick holes, so no thanks.

That truly sucks, but the game is notorious for smurf accounts (people who have lower level alternate accounts when they're usually max level) and it's usually considered a bad idea to play PvP if you're below 10 anyway. AI games will teach you the basic rules, and I'd consider even the secondary tutorial to hammer in some very key points (don't attack turrets unless you have minions backup!)

@CaptainCody said:

I think anyone saying they haven't spent money don't have a job to begin with. $50 is nothing and will net you 100000 IP in sale champs. $50 or 1000 games to earn that.

That's a pretty odd assumption to make. $50 is maybe half a week's worth of groceries, or gas to go visit distant friends/relatives. You can have a job and still consider other things more important to spend money on than pixels, especially if you aren't truly invested in the game, since it's VERY easy to get turned off by the "community".

#57 Posted by Kaiserhawk (62 posts) -

Like, £10 or so

#58 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -
@Ulain: I love pvp stuff, at least I did in World of Warcraft where I happily played most classes (save for Death Knights) and had a blast in pvp.
In other mmo's or moba's (or even shooters for that matter) I've experienced so many trolls and bad players that blame everyone but themselves that its just not worth the effort.
Sure I could get a group of friends together but I like the random aspect of such matches.
Not saying I dislike being grouped with bad players, because that happens, but its another thing entirely to be grouped with people who actively try to sabotage their own team or leave when they think you are buying the wrong items or doing the wrong things.
Bots are very predictable and easy fodder most of the time but hey, that's why I'm playing. To hurt things and wreck stuff.
I've been trying some DotA2 however and I must say the bots there are top notch, even on medium they do some very nasty things (and teamwork!).
#59 Edited by jakob187 (21788 posts) -

@TaliciaDragonsong: The thing is that the community's words and attitudes don't even phase me anymore. I have just come to expect it in every match. Should it be that way? No, but I still enjoy the game. As long as I know that I did well, I'm fine. Besides, normal games don't matter in the long run. Ranked is where you start seeing true rage and anger.

The one thing that does drive me insane, however, is just how many people are flat-out BAD at the game. I'm not talking about lowbie guys who are still going through the paces. I'm talking about level 30 summoners that have played over 300 games and still don't know what CS is, what laning phase is, how to team fight, how to initiate, how to combo moves, etc. It's like...I don't know. Maybe I just play on a different level (although my solo ranked ELO would DRASTICALLY say otherwise...but not much you can do when other players are throwing matches in the trash), but there's just general knowledge you should have by the time you hit 30 and get 300 games into it, ya know?

That would be like playing 300 matches of Call of Duty on the same map over and over but not knowing where the shortcuts are located.

The one thing that I always pride myself on is that if I fucked up, I will flat-out say "I fucked up" to the team. I claim responsibility for my shit. Then again, I also know what my own fuck-ups look like because I've put some 1000+ games into it. When I call someone else on THEIR fuck-ups or try to lead a team, it's usually met with the "lone wolf, you don't know better than me" mentality. That's the biggest problem that the game has: too many people come into it and think you will carry the game by yourself. This isn't DOTA or HoN. You can't carry a match by yourself. Alright, you CAN, but it's VERY FUCKING SELDOM. Moreover, people give up way too easily. They say "we're down by five kills before 20 minutes, GG". They don't understand that there is a match AFTER 20 minutes to play where TEAM FIGHTS matter rather than the bullshit individual hyper carry ideal.

Nonetheless, back on topic: I buy skins because I generally don't care for much of the base art on characters. I prefer the customization of it all, but beyond that, I just like going into a match with someone looking and saying "hey, this guy has put a little money into the game, so maybe he knows a thing or two about a thing or two."

#60 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

~280 dollars. Not sure of the exact amount, but somewhere close to that, probably a little bit more. Don't regret it.

#61 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4904 posts) -

$600?! I almost fell out of my chair. Okay, I'm laying on my bed but whatever... I really appreciate what Riot is doing for eSports right now even if I don't play Lo L, so I guess I don't have as big a problem with people making stupid ass purchases as I would, say, someone buying avatar clothes or some other stupid shit.

#62 Edited by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -
@jakob187: I hear you but that's all wishful thinking from our sides.
Some people just never get good at games, they enjoy what the game offers them or like how it plays but always seem to stick around a certain skill level.
I have a friend who's a really avid gamer but besides RTS games he's quite terrible at most of them.
But he likes playing the games and enjoys himself so you won't hear me judge him.
I don't know what to say really, they have as much as right as anyone to play the game but the amount of sub par players in LoL and such are terrifying (and always, always on your side, not your enemies')
#63 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

Luckily nothing, but DOTA 2 on the other hand...

#64 Posted by Ulain (315 posts) -

@TaliciaDragonsong: Same, I really wish I had a better group of friends in WoW at the time, but we raided instead, then they all left the game.

It's a shame that both games essentially have both casual and more "hardcore" players grouped for the same matches. I still find Ranked to be a very odd concept: A team-based game where you queue individually to see which side has better players. You either get trolls or idiots who want to try out their new champ, or the ONLY one they play (instead of calling a lane/role, they call out their champ's name). They do appear on the other team contrary to popular belief, and I almost hate those wins. I don't think it's fun to have a 5v4 match; it doesn't feel earned, and you can't possibly learn anything from it. Also that same asshole could be on your team in another game.

@jakob187: I had a guy play Alistar today. Level 30, with 189 wins, didn't know what "cs" stood for, so he continued to take all the farm from the Vayne he was laning with. Played Draft, but apparently "I only play mid". The amount of fucking morons in this game is astounding. I really do want to try DOTA2 where it seems to be more individually skill-based, but I couldn't get into the beta :(

Anyway, rant off, I spend $20 on RP today; bought Ahri on-sale (still think I like Karthus and Kennen better) and have 1200 left for some more good sales hopefully. If not, maybe it is time to get some skins!

#65 Posted by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

Haven't spent any money on it but I only played it for a short period of time.

#66 Posted by Example1013 (4807 posts) -

I can say that I've spent way more than I probably should have, but to be honest, I just can't bring myself to feel bad about it. League is one of the few games that's been able to regularly hold my attention, and most of the games that have come out in the last year have sucked. So I've spent money on league skins, and that's about it.

#67 Posted by Nux (2456 posts) -

I'd say that I've spent about $60 total on skins and champs. Hell I even bought Darius the first day he was out not knowing how good I'd be with him. It turns out that I'm pretty damn good with him.

#68 Posted by CheapPoison (758 posts) -

€24 or something..

Way too much and they will never ever see more of me.

#69 Posted by valrog (3648 posts) -

5 euros, maybe 10.

#70 Posted by WarlockEngineerMoreDakka (428 posts) -

Nope, I haven't spent a dime on League of Legends. :)

Oddly enough though, the only MOBA I've put any money into is Smite. >_>

#71 Edited by C2C (872 posts) -

Probably a little bit over 100 USD counting the physical box I got about 3 years ago. Still have a about 2k RP laying around in there, as I have not played seriously for some months now. Considering all the quality gameplay time I got from that game, I pretty much don't feel bad about that type of money going there. I'll ninja edit an exact amount later after I check.

EDIT: Can't look it up as easily as I thought, it only shows your purchases the past 30 days :P

#72 Posted by tunaburn (1892 posts) -

$0 and i quit playing. switched to dota 2 and am not looking back. LOL isnt fun once your elo gets to low

#73 Posted by Seppli (10250 posts) -

Not a single minute thus far, but since it's the most popular PC game on the interwebs - I might just take the plunge one of these days.

#74 Posted by pubbles (149 posts) -

Well lets see I've been playing LoL on and off for like 3 years now (I'm still terrible!) I've spent ~$50 over the years. I bought a character bundle and probably some IP boosts.

I refuse to buy skins...

#75 Edited by TobbRobb (4888 posts) -

Oh god this thread. My trauma.

@pubbles:Why you ressurrect. I really didn't need to remember just how much money this game ate. XD

#76 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

Zero dollars. Though someone did try to apparently use my e-mail address to sign up for an account once.

#77 Posted by Hailinel (25205 posts) -

I think anyone saying they haven't spent money don't have a job to begin with. $50 is nothing and will net you 100000 IP in sale champs. $50 or 1000 games to earn that.

Or we do have jobs and just don't spend our money on LoL.

#78 Posted by John1912 (1998 posts) -

Ive spent like 30$ over 3-4 years? Some of which was money from Diablo 3 that I consider free anyway. LoL is my most played game ever, by far >.> Shit is addicting. Has that fighting game thing going for it. You do the same god damn thing every time, on the same god damn stage, but somehow if feels unique every time. Sadly Im tabbed out playing right now ><

#79 Edited by Slag (5075 posts) -

Still zero dollars.

estimated future spending? zero dollars.

fun game though

#80 Edited by Daveyo520 (7144 posts) -

Zero dollars

#81 Posted by Demyx (3237 posts) -

Possibly around 100 dollars, most of it coming from local tournaments at my school. Pretty much have won all of them at this point.

#83 Edited by Tarsier (1078 posts) -

i might spend up to 50 bucks on stuff that isnt able to be acquired by playing the game normally, in dota 2. im not sure if huds and couriers are like this, but if they are i might do it. im normally against these kind of things in 'free to play' games but its valve and i want to support half life 3 and gabes knife collection.

#84 Posted by TobbRobb (4888 posts) -
@lolteemo said:

The League of Legends shop is considered to be a kind of extension of the game. Its players can’t always keep the original things about the game in mind in that the versions of the game are updated quickly. However, with the help of LoL shop you can review some classical stories, characters and also the items. if you want you can visit my

Holy shit, bots are terrifying. They just get better every time I see one O_o. I wonder how far off we are from having any that I actually fall for.


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