Join my LoL group?

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Hey, guys, my friend and I are playing some LoL and talking on Skype; why don't you come join us. If you're interested just reply and we'll establish a neat little LoL group. Just for fun, duders! # BigPlays.

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But be prepared to deal with my general uselessness at the game!

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I'm down.

IGN: f0000

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In a game right now, but we will add you after it finishes!

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Oh yeah I should of asked since it's 2 here, are you on NA or EUW?

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Game is over if you would still like to play!

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C'mon, guys! Let's have some fun! Please! I'll do anything!

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We're on again if anyone wishes to have some LoL fun. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a sticky thread for the likes of this!

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Hell yeah! Always looking for a couple of duders to play League of Legends with. Mostly for lolz.

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