Let's add each other on League of Legends!

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With Ryan getting into this game, I just began getting into it again. LoL is only fun with good teammates though. So let's add each other and play around. I'm only level 8 so I haven't unlocked any late game stuff, but I know the game pretty well.

EDIT: Forgot username... Kazahura

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You should specify which server you're on.

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Yeah. Also don't we already have one of these?

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@Azteck said:
Yeah. Also don't we already have one of these?
More like 5, but okay.
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Lets use the already existing topics!

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In fairness to him, the ''updated'' username thread was started well over a year ago so it might not be beneficial to add many of the people in there. Also, barely anyone specifies which region they play in. The usernames should probably be added to the OP too.
Could do with making a new/more effective one.

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I would love to play. Username is Deathtollsc.

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eqaddictedfool here

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illbedanged or crapneck864

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