Looking for friendly folks!

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Hey All, Just started getting into this game and wondering if there are any other fellow friendly GB'rs who fancy a game? I played a fair bit of DOTA back in the day, but LoL does seem a fair bit more complicated! Feel free to add me, mooksy on EU West server :)

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Friendly folks? In LoL? Mwahahahaha!

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Throw an invite to nSharked. I have been basing my time in BF3 and WoW lately but I still like to jump on LoL for a couple of matches. I am not a troll or anything like that and rarely get angry unless I know people are doing things on purpose such as intentional feeding.

...and then I noticed you were on EU ._.

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I'll add you.

I played my first hundred or so games with seven of my friends, all experienced level 30s, against other experienced level 30s, as a complete novice with no idea what I was doing. The people you're playing with make an enormous difference, it's how I managed trucking through going 0/25/2 games at the beginning.

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@EvilAshe said:

Friendly folks? In LoL? Mwahahahaha!

It's been my experience that there are no friendly individuals across all MOBAs.

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My friend, you're looking at the wrooooong game, let me tell ya.

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@Ravenlight said:

@EvilAshe said:

Friendly folks? In LoL? Mwahahahaha!

It's been my experience that there are no friendly individuals across all MOBAs.

This. We even have a few elitists on these very forums who will defend their game of choice to the death.

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Play against bots on easy and most of the time the people don't talk at all.

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@Ravenlight said:

@EvilAshe said:

Friendly folks? In LoL? Mwahahahaha!

It's been my experience that there are no friendly individuals across all MOBAs.


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Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood luck!

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You know I have been interested in playing that for a long time . But before even launching the game the things that I heard about the community turns me away.

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then dont go looknig for friends in lol

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In other news, if anyone happens to come across a purple unicorn carrying a gigantic midget with a guitar singing the Croatian national anthem, let me know! I'm looking for one!

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Sent you a friend request. AMA about LoL or if you wanna play (probably bot games for a start).

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On a slightly more serious note, the LoL community isn't as bad as we're all making out. But in a game based around teamwork it only takes one jackass from the other 9 people to make the whole match feel like crap and this being the internet 1 jackass in 9 is well below average.

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@Mooks: Hey there! I'll add you to my friends list tomorrow, hopefully we can play some matches together. I've been playing a lot with EvilAshe (he's the guy just above this post) and you're more than welcome to join our little party :)
Also, you may wanna consider posting in this here thread, so that hopefully more people will add you ;)
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there are no friendly people on LOL they start out friendly but as soon as you die they will turn on you and tell you how ugly your mother is and why you should cut your own head off... the game is fun though if that guy is on the other team.

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Well i thought i might repost here just to say, so far i have been really enjoying my time with this game (although i did really enjoy dota!) Been playing with killy and evilashe, who have been real nice, and even the majority of randoms in public games have been socialable, i think therefore this game is getting a bad rap! Anyone else who fancies joining the posse drop me an invite/talk to me when im online! mooksy eu realm!

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I'll give you an invite under the name Cernis :)

There's plenty of cool people in LoL, and there's a certain amount of fun to be had with the Ragequits. The only thing I can't stand is that every single round everyone wants to know where I'm from!

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@Mooks: It gets progressively worse the higher level you get.

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