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Hey there everyone,

If you want to add someone who won't rage, is willing to play just about any game mode, this is your thread.

Username - TestifyRebirth

Main - ADC/Marskman

#2 Posted by PEIWARRIOR (11 posts) -

Username: Sheldor95

Main: Top

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I wont do ranked, only because of the huge MMR difference, but I'm a plat marksman with tournament play if anyone needs help/has questions

Name: Slyspider

Roles: Know most everything about bot lane, a good amount of top/mid/jungle (enough to hold my own against diamonds and plats... most of the time)

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I'm looking for ranked duo partners.

Rank - Silver 1

Username - Digitoxin

Roles - Support/ADC/Jungle <--- in order

#5 Posted by Loremiser (20 posts) -

I wouldn't mind playing a few games with people, feel free to add me :D

Rank-Plat 4

User- ThatZero

Roles - Jungle/Support/Any of the Other three (I'm the bard, good at all, master of... well.. master of jungle but still)

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looking to add a few folks to our ranked team. Not really picky on role and we all ended last season in silver so we would like someone in that area. We usually play evening from about 8pm -12 am. Let me know if anyone is interested


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i'm only level 13 and i could use some coaching/wouldn't mind playing with people who aren't tools. if anyone new to lol (impossible, right?) is looking at this topic or if you can tolerate someone who's still learning the ropes, add me please!

name: RiverCityRansm

open to all roles except mid and jungle

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I'm level 24 and looking to play to casual and have fun. I play support mainly, but I want to try expanding my abilities. So if anyone wants to just play and have fun and stuffs just message me here, add me in League of Legends or if you want Steam.

Username: CuttableFurball (That's for League of Legends and Steam)

I can't promise you I'm the best player in the world but I like to think that I'm not that terrible:) (Well not ALL of the time)

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Pff. And here I just moved from NA to EUW.

Glad to see League get a little bit of action here on Giant Bomb, though.

#10 Posted by cuttablefurball (19 posts) -

@viking_funeral: Same here. It's sad to see the forums for League not getting a lot of love.

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Hey, I'm HelicopterSpy on NA. I main mid and jungle but am pretty confident in every role. I'm by no means the best jungler, but I know it's a hard role to break into. Feel free to add me if you want some tips.

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Hello friends. I took a couple months off between the end season 3 and the start of season 4 waiting for them to iron out any preseason stuff, but I'm getting back to playing regularly. The friends I usually play with have moved to mostly ARAMs, which I think are fun but teach you bad habits. I don't play ranked, mostly because I'm still building what I would consider suitable Rune pages. I'm fine with playing Normals(blind/draft). I'm down for playing whatever role. I have a fair selection of champs for each role and don't mind filling whatever's needed.

Name: VikingBeardo on NA server

Feel free to add me. I don't mind helping some lower level players. I'm usually open to play in the evenings and at night. I'm not a rager, leaver or a bad guy to play with... At least I think so.

#13 Posted by Robychu (16 posts) -

Level 30 with an impressive 3 normal wins to my name. If you're into ARAMs and laughing and don't mind drinking or foul language I would love to play with you sometime.

Username: Robychu
Roll: Whatever I get stuck with

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Username: YellowDays

Role: Top Preferably

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