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So, I know the feeling of having an awesome game and wanting to share it. So I decided to create a place for shameless bragging, in here everyone are proud insufferable assholes. Together!

Share some of your greatest games/moments, screenshots and anecdotes are greatly appreciated, you are here to brag so don't be shy.

I'll start.

The story behind this game is simply put, gangplank is a one man army. I had been jungling and farming while every single lane was pushed, there were no ganking opportunities, where out of freaking nowhere, the enemy Vlad got 4 kills in quick succession from a gank. After that he just kept on getting more and more fed "he had 21 kills by the end of the game" my entire team was in negative scores "2/14/5 Alistar -_-" and the enemy was just pushing like crazy. I really have no idea how, but I managed to singlehandedly take down the entire enemy team one by one and pretty much carry the game on my shoulders, it's a weird feeling, knowing you are the only thing stopping a match from going all to hell. After a few multikills from my side our feeding mid AP TF pulled his head out of his ass and started completely dominating with me as a meatshield. That game turned from a definitive loss to a ridicoulous two man rape machine winning while the rest of the team continued to drop like flies.

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These are the best stats I've had so far during my playtime.

All I can remember from this game is that, for some reason unknown to me, the enemy team decided never to buy Oracle's Elixir throughout the entire game (despite me even recommending it to them!)

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@FlamingHobo: Oh, I haven't played Eve much since the stun got removed. Is that game post nerf? Still awesome ^^, I don't think I ever got more than 28 or so kills with her.

Btw, AP or trinityforcetank?

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My best game ever (realistic) was 23/2/10 game as jungle Nocturne. No screenie though :/

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@TobbRobb: I'm not entirely sure, since I only played her a few times before moving onto Nocturne. I'm pretty sure I used a build similar to trinity force tank.

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It's not a great picture, and it's from a few months ago (pre-nerf TF), probably a month or so after I started playing LoL, I went 46-6-10, best game of my life.

More recently, I was playing Graves on dominion with a friend of mine and a bunch of randoms. I had low health, and Jax started chasing me into the bushes. My friend (playing Amumu) bandaged onto him to slow him down a bit, but he kept coming after me. So, I waited at the edge of the bushes, and when he got right next to me I got in all three hits of a buckshot for the kill.

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I got a quadra kill...AS SONA. And only one of them was a KillSecured!

My much better story is from my early days, back at level 20 or so. They were all in our base messing us up. I was Blitzcrank with teleport. I tele'd up to their last turret in bot lane and took both that and the inhibitor before they could get back to me. I then vanished into the jungle for about 10 seconds, and emerged at the nearly destroyed 2nd mid turret. I took both that and the final one before finally being killed because my escape flash didn't quite get me past the wall.

later on in the match I did almost exactly the same thing, this time taking the two remaining top turrets.

I won us that game HARD.

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Yo get this dude once I escaped from like 3 people when I played Shaco. Supagangsta.

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This is from the time when I was still playing 3v3. I had some amazing moments with Akali (Even after all that time).

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