Official League of legends world championship 2013 thread

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Its that time of the year again. The league of legends world championship starts today.

Unlike last year the games will go from 09/15 and end with the finals on 10/05

You can watch the matches and check out the schedule on

Day 1 starts today and it features the best teams from the League of Legends Championship Series and the matches are already insane !

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Grats to SK Telecom, they absolutely dominated Royal Club. Very surprised the matches went so quickly, dunno if Royal was off their game or SK is just that good cause they looked nothing like what they showed in the Semis.

Just got into LoL a few months ago so this was the first LCS for me and I really enjoyed it. Riot definitely knows how to put a good presentation together and build up excitement even if you're new to the game and not familiar with the pro scene.

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Blowups like that will never cease to be disappointing and boring.

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Pretty great show. Riot must be friggin loaded. Was hoping there would be more matches but I was pulling for SK so I'm I'm happy they took it.

It's kinda crazy seeing the Staples Centre full of people watching a game tournament.

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I'm still totally in shock that the World Finals was a 3-0 sweep. SKT played really well, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little disappointed with how much of a stomp it was.

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Royal Club pretty much lost every game during the picks and bans.

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Can't really blame Riot for the decisive victory, but at least the first 2 games very pretty close for a good while. The semi-final between Royal and Fnatic was probably the best series during worlds which was fantastic overall. I hope they can change the format for next year though, 4 groups with 1 team from NA, EU, Korea and China plus 1 wild card / smaller region team, best 2 teams go into the elimination bracket.

EDIT: Feeling like a scumbag for even asking, but anyone here attended the finals in person and got some skincodes for me to try on EUW?

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I thought the whole thing was pretty entertaining, including the 3-0 sweep at the end. Yeah, I would have liked a closer match, but what can you do? The first two games were good, and Royal almost came back in the second. That third game, though. Damn.

My only thought for next time is to not randomly draw the teams into the brackets. Both Korean teams should have been on opposite sides of the bracket, along with both Chinese teams.

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If Royal Club had just banned Jax, I think the games would have been much closer. The production of the show was outstanding though. And that analyst desk. They need to have those guys around more often.

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Here's a re-cap of Worlds:

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