play league of legends with me

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i have spurts that i go for 9 hours a day, but always alone =(

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I'm not quite that hardcore but I could use more people to play with. Tophar01 on NA servers

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this post is unbearably sad for many reasons.

I really only ever play ARAM and even that not super often: schreiberty on NA

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Nine hours a day!?

I mean, sure, I can understand and respect a nine hour marathon once in a blue moon, but nine hours that often (I don't think you literally mean per day) sounds like way too much. That's bad for your health.

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@believer258: thats only like 10-11 games, its easy to get into the 'just one more' mentality

#6 Posted by darkvare (813 posts) -

i'll play with you add me donvare in NA server

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I rarely play more than a game or two at a time, but if you need a buddy I'm HelicopterSpy on NA

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hey add me snagglewolf

im always solo too

#9 Posted by Thepyromaker (25 posts) -

I am always looking for people to play with, Thepyromaker. :)

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add me WEAK X WILL we need a 4th or a 5th player alot, plus we are Canadian

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If we have any EUNE duders on here i'll gladly team up. I play mostly solo ranked (plat) and some aram. Add Tussler.

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