Snowdown Showdown 2012

#1 Posted by pnevares (92 posts) -

Simple question, what do you guys think of this year's Snowdown Showdown, and specifically the Gifting Center?

#2 Edited by Garfield518 (407 posts) -

I've been given a bunch of free stuff from friends who want the summoner icons, so I love it.

#3 Posted by darkvare (818 posts) -

i wish i could unlock champions for people with influence points

#4 Posted by L44 (629 posts) -

The skins are cool and the gifting system has been sorely missed for ages. What did you guys think of the removed Kat recall? I thought it was pretty gross but havent heard many other opinions on it.

#5 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Aren't they taking the gifting system out once this event is over?

#6 Posted by pnevares (92 posts) -

Aren't they taking the gifting system out once this event is over?

We are, but our intention is to evaluate how it preformed to potentially bring it back permanently.
#7 Posted by Mystyr_E (1358 posts) -

@pnevares: uh......"our"?

#8 Posted by pnevares (92 posts) -

@pnevares: uh......"our"?

I think I've mentioned once or twice in this forum that I work on this game, specifically on the Store team.

What's your opinion on the celebration you see when you receive a gift? Is it fun, or overkill?
#9 Posted by slyspider (1568 posts) -

I like it, seems a little, 'hey please spend real money on your friends' since you cant use IP on the gifts

#10 Posted by canucks23 (1080 posts) -

I want winter Summoner's Rift :(

#11 Posted by pnevares (92 posts) -
@canucks23 I'm a sucker for winter/holiday-themed stuff, I miss it too. I'm glad the new TT lined up with Halloween this year, though.
#12 Posted by darkvare (818 posts) -

was mf christmas skin legacy or was it limited cause i'm a collector of everything and that's the only one i'm missing of her skins


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