so, how do you get back into a MOBA?

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I stopped playing my LoL account for a small month at level 28,

A few matches after starting playing again i dinged 30 and got a huge bump in difficulty from being pitched against allot harder players.

Its damn near impossible not to feed at this point because of the huge skill gap, leading to constant flaming every match. Meanwhile i feel liek i am ruining the game for my pug team mates wich is a big demoralizer. Does anyone have a solution?

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Either make a new account or just wait it out. You'll probably get put back into a proper ELO eventually. Or, find a Dota 2 invite!

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Focus on playing defensively and staying alive. Don't take as many risks until you get better at it.

People a lot of time use "being a new player" as a defense for just sucking terribly. Taking stupid risks, not listening to teammates, turning around with low HP because you've seen Chaox or TheOddOne do it on a stream. Make the goal of every game to have a positive KDR, and the best way to do that when learning is to do everything you can to stay alive. Some people may say "buy more wards, take clairvoyance, play the boring support role until you get better," but all those things have one very obvious goal in mind; helping you stay alive.

If you use "I'm a new player/learning a new champ" as an excuse for dying, then you're doing it wrong. Being new and losing your first few games against better players means you already know what taking too many risks means. Playing a champ for the first time, you still know the basics of how to move your champ and how to stay away from enemies with pokes.

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If you know anyone who plays the game, I'd recommend only playing with them. Personally I only ever play it with at least two other friends, to lessen the risk of idiots on my team,

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First of all, stick to normals for a while. Whether your team wins or loses in normals is not nearly as important as them losing in a ranked match (which I would even argue isn't that damn important either). It will also be far less flaming in normals than it would be in ranked.

Second of all, not a lot has changed in a month. Maybe the new masteries, but honestly, a month as uneventful as this last month is no biggie. The game hasn't changed, and in turn, that means the time gap is nothing.

Those who freshly hit 30 get introduced to a new world of difficulty, yes. That just means you need to start doing some research and learn more about the game. If you are dying, it means that you are doing dumb shit like being overly aggressive or going after kills that you shouldn't go after. You have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I feeding? If I am, why am I feeding? Is it because the character I'm playing against is a natural counter to me, or is it because I am playing poorly? If it's the former, why am I not turret humping? If it's the latter, what am I doing that can change this outcome?
  • Am I fulfilling the role that I'm trying to play? If I'm solo top, am I getting farm and making sure I don't get ganked? If I'm mid, am I getting farm and kills when it is smart to get a kill? Am I pushing my lane when I shouldn't?
  • Am I using wards, pots, and other things to give me sustain?
  • Am I building smart for early game? Am I getting the defensiveness I need to sustain in lane while also getting the damage necessary to keep myself relevant to the lane? Am I continuing this trend into mid and late game, or am I falling off? If I'm falling off, why is that?
  • Am I following my team, even when they are being derps and doing stupid shit? I cannot stress enough how much I hate raging. I'm not going to say I never rage. However, I've learned this over my time with the game: the ones who are raging were never team players in the first place. They were going into a match thinking they were hot shit. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't, but they forget that this is a team game. A good TEAM will always...ALWAYS...beat one hard carry on an opposite team.
  • DO NOT LISTEN TO RAGERS! Fuck them. Seriously, they'll talk some massive shit, but all they are doing is propagating the idea that your team is going to lose. In turn, it makes people give up way too easily. If there were 80% less rage in this game, you would find that 80% of matches were better. You would also see a drastic increase in the amount of people that actually WANT to communicate with their team, as well as people getting BETTER at the game.

One of the biggest things I can suggest is reading some guides over on and You don't necessarily have to follow their builds and such word for word, but at least check out the guides to see how people are playing those champs.

Beyond that, you need to find at least three champs that fill three different roles that you can "crutch" on. Essentially, those will be your core go-to characters, and I would suggest that you don't make them some type of top-tier champs that would typically get banned in draft modes (Wukong, Irelia, Cassiopeia, etc). It will help give you an arsenal of champs that you KNOW you can do some hard pubstomping with.

Otherwise, it's all up to you, man. Getting better at the game is NOT hard. It's just time-consuming. If you don't put the time in, then you don't get better at it. Learn the champs in the game. Riot has built some incredible little tools into the UI on each champ's page that lets you see the abilities and know what they do. Go on the League website and look up ALL the items as well as ALL the champions. Get familiar with how much armor or AP or AD a champ gets every level. Know the strengths and weaknesses of champs. No champ is bad if someone can be good with them.

That's the best I can give you, man. The rest is on your own.

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You find a guide for whatever character you want to try, double click the .exe and log in.  Seriously. I beta tested this game, played two months and then didn't play at all until I tried it again a couple months ago.
 It just doesn't matter because there's terrible players at every single level and you'll fight enough of the same champions to eventually figure out what's going on.

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You double click the exzecutible.

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Take a deep breath and tough it out. Or stop playing, it's what i did. Ultimately, no matter how good a game, it's just not worth it to be annoyed by your teammates, or in other words some random asshole you'll never meet. The biggest problem with MOBA games is the same thing that makes them so great. Playing against/with people.

Edit: Actually, your best bet is finding a friend that plays well, or force some of your friends to play it until they get good. The game becomes much better and enjoyable.
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When I hit that point almost a year ago my sole focus each game I played was having the least deaths on my team and the most minion kills. Don't compare any other stats or really worry about too much until you can consistently be the best in those two categories. Most of that will come from simply paying attention to the mini-map and not putting yourself in dangerous situations.

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I've tried getting back in myself, but gave up again when my friends stopped playing and am now waiting for Dota 2.

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Don't. Didn't play for a couple weeks, came back and still haven't had a game without trolls. LoL is unplayable in solo queue.

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@Questionable said:

I stopped playing my LoL account for a small month at level 28,

A few matches after starting playing again i dinged 30 and got a huge bump in difficulty from being pitched against allot harder players.

Its damn near impossible not to feed at this point because of the huge skill gap, leading to constant flaming every match. Meanwhile i feel liek i am ruining the game for my pug team mates wich is a big demoralizer. Does anyone have a solution?

play custom , practice a little bit , then try normal , NEVER ranked unless you want to risk having noob players on your side.

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Saying it's impossible to feed is just saying you're not willing to do what it takes to improve. It's really easy not to feed if you follow 3 simple steps. !.Only last hit and never autoattack so your lane wont push towards their tower making you an easy target. 2. Don't engage in fights that you don't know you'll win, this is probably the hardest because you're probably not comfortable with your champion and their matchups so don't engage in fights on your own. The more you play with a certain champ the more comfortable you'll be with when you should engage and when you should sit back. 3. BUY WARDS. No matter what lane your in you should be buying at least one ward at least your first 2 trips back. If you're playing smartly and you're not suicidal it's pretty hard to feed the other team if the other team can't gank you.

Other than that just pick a handful of champions to learn and become comfortable with and make sure you're sticking with your team and performing your role when the lane phase is over.

I guess the last and most important thing is to just play a lot and not give a fuck about losing or what other people are saying (unless it's constructive criticism). You need to learn to forget about your losses the second your nexus kerplodes.

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Try to get into the DOTA 2 beta, it will be like a fresh start. Easier said than done though.

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@JasonR86 said:

You double click the exzecutible.

Laughed at that far more than I probably should have done. Well played.


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