The Congressman Who Hates SOPA, and Loves League of Legends

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#101 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

Of course he plays LoL. He doesn't have time to play anything serious.

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@Kevitivity said:

Wow! The rare Democrat who's against SOPA! Mind blown. It's such a shame, however, that he's a tax and spend liberal.

Yeah, imagine that, the government taxing a small percentage of people's income and then spending money on programs that the private sector doesn't have the necessary infrastructure for, like social security and military defense. What a horrible idea.

What's funny is that the very "opponents" of a "welfare state" (aka an ordinary-functioning government) only seem to cut the rich's taxes based on the excuse that rich people create jobs, even though the poor and lower-middle class blue collar workers on the backs of which the whole institution is built are the ones that work those jobs.

Ron Paul is an idiot for thinking that sticking to the Constitution is all we need for fairness and liberty in this country. The open-ended, archaic wording of the Constitution is what permits unfairness and oppression in our political system in the first place. What we need is a second Constitutional convention to stop the abuses of lobbyists and corporations, such as the millions of Hollywood dollars that went into almost getting SOPA/PIPA passed, a bill that would have destroyed Internet freedom.

Or, at the very least, a Constitutional amendment that limits special interest spending.

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#104 Posted by John1912 (1995 posts) -

@jmrwacko said:

@John1912 said:

Wow, big surprise. A congressman plays Anivia.......

Low blow, duder. Low blow.

In the spirit of LoL I thought Id troll with a vague dis. Im not even sure what I was implying.

#105 Posted by Max_Hydrogen (818 posts) -

I'm happy there's a congressman opposed to those bills but I don't understand his porn argument.

#106 Posted by Phobos (116 posts) -

This is wonderful. Sometimes... Most of the time, I forget that we're able to have an intelligent, respectful dialogue about something like pornography.

#107 Posted by shodan2020 (704 posts) -

This is a great article! I'm glad I was wrong in assuming most congressmen are super old anti-technology wonks. :) LoL is plenty fun too (Kayle or Janna). Good on ya, Mr. Polis! :)

#108 Posted by shodan2020 (704 posts) -

@John1912: Well-played, sir! :)

#109 Posted by Saga (182 posts) -

This politician actually makes sense!

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@John1912 said:

@jmrwacko said:

@John1912 said:

Wow, big surprise. A congressman plays Anivia.......

Low blow, duder. Low blow.

In the spirit of LoL I thought Id troll with a vague dis. Im not even sure what I was implying.

Anivia is a feathery carry whose passive allows her to be reborn after getting killed. Sort of like Newt Gingrich after the 1997 ethics violation stint.

@Aldrenar47 said:

@Kevitivity, @jmrwacko

Oh cool, I was hoping we could start a political argument. Those always end up awesome and worth the effort...

For the record, SOPA was introduced by a Republican, PIPA was introduced by a Democrat. They have supporters and opponents on both sides. So much for convenient generalizations.

I realize SOPA/PIPA had bipartisan support, I was remarking on the other poster's "tax and spend" remark.

#111 Posted by Kevitivity (63 posts) -

@Aldrenar47: The issue is sort of moot now, or at least for the time being, but support for SOPA and PIPA was sort of split down party lines. Ars has a great article on why this was the case.

#112 Posted by Kevitivity (63 posts) -

@jmrwacko: Currently, the US government is spending more money than it's taking in. Do I really need to explain why this is a very bad thing?

#113 Posted by dvorak (1497 posts) -

This is such a fucking load of bullshit, I'm not sure how you think you can believe a single word of it, apart from his voting record.

#114 Posted by Budwyzer (658 posts) -

Yep, leave it to a congressman to play an overpowered character like Anivia. 
HAHA just kidding. This guy is pretty cool.  Oh and let's not argue about anivia being OP on here.

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