Who is your main champion ?

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If you have played the beta which of the champions is your fav or just the guy you use the most ? 
I tend to go with Warwick because I like to jungle. played with him all the way through the closed beta

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I played 2 games with Ashe and the rest with Katarina. I plan to play with her after the launch, but besides her ill specialize with Evelynn too.

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I like Veigar - black mage power!
Singed and Teemo are pretty fun to play as well.

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Zilean, Morgana, Teemo are my top 3.

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When I played the beta, I play the mummy thing, because he seemed like he was a lonely dude just looking for some friends, I felt sorry for him.

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I don't play LOL, I play HoN. :)

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@Kohe321: Then why would you even post here?
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@GoatStatik said:
" @Kohe321: Then why would you even post here? "
He doesn't have to agree or play the game, opinions make up forums.
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I love playing Shaco
but any other champion works for me.

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When I first started I played a bunch as Annie.
Now, I tend to main Rammus or Jax.

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After alot of playing with Eve, i can say that she better suits me. I meaan i am more for the ganking type. I played WoW with a rogue before i quit pernamently and somehow i know how to play with Eve. Ill keep with her for now. Plus i love that psy games she plays with the opposite team. 55% of my games are surrendered. And thats because of me and my friend constantly running around ganking anyone with less than 100% hp.

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I tend to usually play as Kassadin, once you equip some items to increase his ability power and upgrade the Force Pulse skill you can deal out some serious damage to groups of enemies in a cone. Plus he has a nice short range teleport skill that also damages enemies.

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During the beta, I played as the pirate dude because his range shot applies any magical/item damage you have to it.  This makes him extremely overpowered late game.  However, I have since moved on to Heroes of Newerth and haven't looked back.

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I'm completely not interested in this game. 
(I'm just kidding [downloading it now in fact], but doesn't it just make you angry when people post crap like that just for the sake of posting something?)

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Probably Kayle.  But I switch a lot and like to keep things fresh. I think I've used 7-8 different heroes in the last 10 games.

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I usually switch off between Nasus and  Tryndamere.

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Teemo is my favorite character to play. He is just a beast if you know how to use him. I also play with Tryn and Taric,

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Corki. He says some great things. And nukes the hell out of people with the Big One.
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the doc is in

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I have played with Chogath, Alistar and Soraka in the past, but right now I'm filling the magic nuking role on my team. I want to learn how to play Yi, too, though, because he is such a nasty goddamn pusher.

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Blitzcrank is my favorite by far. Robots are awesome.

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Teemo, Blitzcrank or Karthus

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Teemo, or Rammus if somebody takes him.

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Singed is my current favourite. I sometimes go with Ashe or Gangplank too.

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Mater Yi (OP FTW), Lately I've been getting into Cho'Gath.

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Malphite or Dr.Mundo
Fuck the people who use Yi or Twitch.

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Taric is my homeboy! We roll deep, son.

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Evelyn all the waaaaaay.

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NuNu, I like his Consume ability and his ulty is good when with since it slows them down a lot and does decent damage. 
Plus he is a Freakin Yetti!!!

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I really liked the undead guy I played for a while (before he cycled out of the trial rotation)... I can't for the life of me remember his name.

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Veigar 90% of the time.

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Gangplank is my favourite. 
Annie is also solid, and Fiddlesticks can be kickass too.

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I usually play support (Time guy / Taric) but like melee dps (Udyr, Shaco, Warwick, etc.)

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warwick is my all time favourite, but the lack of any changes to him in the new patch, and the fact that hes still really underpowered and is pretty useless in teamfights mean that ive been trying out a few new ones, mostly soraka and ashe

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Soraka, she's super hard to die with.

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ashe, i love the unlimited range of the arrow (and im actually good using it from halfway across the map)
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Karthus, Ryze or Evelynn for DPS 
Alistar or Cho'Gath for Tanking. 
Have tried some support classes aswell but I'd probably consider Karthus my main at the moment.

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