Whoah, Draven is awesome!: Your most surprisingly fun champ?

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#1 Posted by Casey25 (153 posts) -

I had been looking for a champion with a unique playstyle that I hadn't experienced before. I have a bunch of favorites: the machine scientist pokey burst of Viktor, the all-in adc graves, Olaf's horrifying cc immunity and true damage, alistar's stampeding cc, Kassadin's teleporting insanity, etc. Then i saw Draven, touted as demanding "high skill and micro and blah".

Im glad i gave him a try. The axe-catching minigame while you're fighting and scoping out the map is a ton of fun and very rewarding. And the global ult is tricky to utilize effectively but it can make for some big plays. I've only just started using him but i think he's a lot more interesting than graves in all stages of the game.

So, anyone else have a favorite experience picking up a new champ that was surprisingly fun or unique?

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#2 Posted by Carnage1290 (153 posts) -

Just recently picked up Leona as a change of pace from my usual support picks and she's really fun. I wouldn't want to play her with an ADC that I couldn't talk to because she requires a decent amount of coordination, but I love how aggressive you can be in the laning phase. Locking someone down while my ADC tears them apart is really fun, and her ultimate is a blast to use the whole game, especially in team fights. Being super tanky and just living through stuff is great also. Overall really fun champion to support with.

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#3 Posted by Casey25 (153 posts) -

Yeah for sure, im no pro but all that cc can be a huge gamechanger - interrupting ults, stopping ganks, denying farm earlygame, etc.

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#4 Posted by Giantstalker (2157 posts) -

Gangplank in open beta. I haven't played since then but man, was that pirate fun.

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#5 Posted by benderunit22 (1740 posts) -

Yep, Leona, best support ever. A friend of mine (who is also pretty bad and only plays Vayne and even then he has to be carried into lategame) bought her first week and said she was terrible, but months later I played her during free week and had so much fun with her. Catching 3-4 people in your ult is like a small orgasm, zipping balls deep into the enemy tower with Zenith Blade, stunning the AD carry with Shield of Daybreak while tanking tower all day with Eclipse.

Also, Maokai turned out to be probably my favorite jungler, also Riven. Generally, I like a lot of the agile champions.

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#6 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1873 posts) -

@Giantstalker said:

Gangplank in open beta. I haven't played since then but man, was that pirate fun.

he can pretty much run through ganks with his oranges right?

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#7 Posted by psylah (2288 posts) -

I enjoy Lux. Giant laser.

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#8 Posted by dbz1995 (4961 posts) -

I'm a guy who mains support with a bit of jungle on the side. I've always loved Leona (Third character I ever played, behind Yorick and Ashe in the tutorial) because of the active aggression, and Taric for a more passive aggressive lane. Jungling is more fun unless you've got a good (or premade) carry botlane, and as I love characters who are really good but under-repped, Nautilus is probably my most surprisingly favourite champ to play. Or, you know, under-rated, under-played champs like Lee Sin.

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#9 Posted by TobbRobb (5854 posts) -

Probably! Can't think of something right now though. Pantheon or Mordekaiser I think might count, I picked those up pre30 and thought they were stupid overpowered. Carried me all the way to 30. ^^

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#10 Posted by Splodge (2333 posts) -

Started playing Lux recently as a support, hell of a lot of fun. Her CC kicks ass if you land them. Plus she does damage.

I never really played a champ before that could kite so well. Two guys chasing you down? Who cares! Bind... slow... ult... LEGGIT!

Taric is a lot of fun also. I like to jump the adc second I get my ult, then stun as they retreat. Aggressive Taric = fun Taric.

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#11 Posted by StarvingGamer (11186 posts) -

Probably Blitzcrank. It's really hard to find a team comp where he fits but when he does, you can get up to some crazy hijinks.

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#12 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

The best for me will always be ahri

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#13 Posted by Nux (2697 posts) -

I bought Darius at release pretty much by impulse because he looked so cool. I'm glad I did because he is so much fun to play and has became my main since then.

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#14 Posted by Splodge (2333 posts) -

@StarvingGamer said:

Probably Blitzcrank. It's really hard to find a team comp where he fits but when he does, you can get up to some crazy hijinks.

We did a few blind pick games last night and three games in a row got the pull from the dragon/baron pit into tri. People still fall for it. So funny, the poor fecker who gets pulled is always completely stationary and barely moves, they know they are fucked.

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#15 Posted by Freshbandito (704 posts) -

I've been experimenting with unconventional support choices to support an incredibly aggressive ad carry player I play with and support Maokai is just so much fun, he has everything you need, a Snare, a slow, saplings to check bushes and his ult for tower diving, and his roaming gank potential is second to none in the support lineup. Other weird supports we've had luck with include; Warwick, Jarvan and Ashe

Disclaimer: The ad carry I support for is a 1900-2k elo player who plays Draven like a maestro and tends to carry games, hard, so some of these supports may not work so well with the average ad carry player you'll come across whilst solo queueing, try them at your own risk.

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#16 Edited by BamurDeadd (73 posts) -

Ziggs! #nuffsaid

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#17 Posted by EvilAshe (64 posts) -

I recently started playing Sejuani when I get stuck in the jungle. Yeah that woman who rides a pig that noone else ever seems to play? She's pretty goddamn awesome :D

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#18 Edited by Hostile (166 posts) -

I can only give you my most recent one and that is Ziggs.

Fun things that have happened in two games:

- Twice: Threw an ulti from mid to bot late to get a kill (one where I totally missed when told to throw onto tower but enemy decided to walk into it even though she was recalling already)

- Multiple: Disrupted the enemy with Satchel Charge and gave my team enough time to catch and kill

- Chased a low HP Katarina with team and knew she was either going to Shunpo or walk past me after she walked into bush then ran back towards us so I immediately thew a bomb behind me and she Shunpo'd to her immediate death

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#19 Posted by John1912 (2360 posts) -

My Draven is pretty awful. Ive seen a few just run amuk. Had one rape me in just out in front of the two nexus turrets. I was jax too. I engage, didnt go well. Popped dodge and run and he still chased me down and killed me.

My fav chars are prob Akali, Jax, Darius, Diana, Fizz, and Rengar. in no real order.

@EvilAshe said:

I recently started playing Sejuani when I get stuck in the jungle. Yeah that woman who rides a pig that noone else ever seems to play? She's pretty goddamn awesome :D

A good Sej should be feared. Very under rated char imo.

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#20 Posted by EvilAshe (64 posts) -

@John1912 said:

A good Sej should be feared. Very under rated char imo.

Only people who need to fear my Sejuani is my teammates :D

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#21 Posted by darkvare (956 posts) -

vi her ult and charged punches are freaking awesome

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#22 Edited by trindermon (41 posts) -

Shen. Cause i am a ninja, and only leave lane when i want to.

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#23 Posted by redcream (810 posts) -

Kassadin was too tough for me when I was a beginner but then as soon as I grasped his role the rivers run red.

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#24 Posted by cheishxc (104 posts) -

I love Zac!

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#25 Posted by Kazzenn (194 posts) -

Ahri. One of the few champions I'm actually really solid with and enjoy playing.

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#26 Posted by InternetCrab (1579 posts) -

Swain is my definite favorite champion together with Jarvan.

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#27 Posted by Addfwyn (1996 posts) -

As a purely support player, I am always super happy when I can play Thresh. His kit gives him so much utility and he can be both an awesome aggressive support (hook-jumping onto enemies and bringing his team with him) or a defensive support (dragging people away from your carriers and using E to push people back). Really really versatile.

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#28 Edited by TheDoorman (571 posts) -

I just started playing league and I saved up ip to get Mordekaiser and I have been having a blast playing his character. His ult is just awesome, I've had games were the other teams fed my champ and my ult got powered up to taking 43% of their health immediately. And I've easily done better with him than any of the free champs.

Also Caitlyn is pretty awesome as well. Her attacks do loads of damage

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#29 Posted by ArbitraryWater (14360 posts) -

At this point I think Elise is my mid of choice, with her ability to take large chunks out of the enemy's health with very little risk and not much AP.

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#30 Posted by TheSouthernDandy (4098 posts) -

After cutting my MOBA teeth on Guardians of Middle Earth I've started playing LoL. Two days in and I've had two wins, each time the best player on my team! Now that the bragging is done, Garen is my jam. Hard to kill and his ult is a nice way to say "no you aint getting away".

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#31 Posted by Porkellain (264 posts) -

Dude, last patch buffed Nunu jungle so fugking much, he's A MONSTER.

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#32 Posted by SilverGalford (54 posts) -

Darius owns riven and panth

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#33 Posted by sirdesmond (1365 posts) -

I just played Zac earlier today for the first time and really, really enjoyed playing him.

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#34 Posted by HelicopterSpy (169 posts) -

Syndra. I try to play mainly AP Mids and her insane burst damage is so much fun. Her ludicrously high skill cap is crazy. I'm not really that great with her, but when I manage to do well, it's amazing.

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