Your favourite/main League champion

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I'm all about equality here on Giant Bomb. Equal representation of MOBA's I say. Plus I play League, so there. I DON'T HAVE TO JUSTIFY MY ACTIONS

Anyway when I started playing I used Garen a ton, he's got a kit that is easy to wrap your head around, he's tanky-ish and you don't have to worry about mana, I think he's a pretty great starter champ.

Lately however, I've been alternating between two champs. Volibear who's an absolute BEAST when he gets fed. Late game if you come across an enemy straggler unless they have a good escape they are dead and in team fights he's great at peeling and tanking. I'm not great by any means but I've gone on a few crazy runs with him. Even had some success using him as a support.

And Ziggs. I picked him up a few days ago and holy crap is he fun to play as. Great at farming, huge range on his Q, great at poking, his kit is super fun, his ult has HUUGE range and his voice is hilarious. His abilities are all sorta skill shots and his ult can be tricky to land but I'm having so much fun playing as this guy. Plus his Pool Party skin is stupid and I love it.

Anybody else still playing or used to play an have some favs? DotA players if you can restrain yourselves from turning this into a thread about why LoL sucks and DotA doesn't I'd really appreciate it :D

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My two most played are Xerath and Viktor but lately I've just been playing whoever.

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I've played so many champs, and I feel that they all have their places, so it's hard to choose. There are two that I vastly prefer, though.

Nocturne is by far my favorite jungler. He's got a great pounce, and he with Rylai's scepter, he's pretty sticky.

Mundo is just amazing when gets fed, and you can practically play him anywhere. I know of one guy who has 300+ wins and plays at Gold (Diamond?) exclusively with Mundo. I am not that guy.

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I stick to Janna when I play, which isn't very often.

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Darius is both my favorite and my main. Lately I've been playing Ezreal, Aatrox, and Nidalee and really liking them all.

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Have you seen Ziggs's snow day skin? That's by far my favorite skin for him.

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@nux: yeah it's awesome. Can't buy it though :( I'm assuming you can only get it in winter maybe?

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@thesoutherndandy: Yeah. You were able to buy it during last year's snowdown showdown event in the winter. I ended up buying ziggs just for that skin. Now I love ziggs because of it.

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Elise is super fun to play because she can do so many things. She has burst damage, a skillshot stun, a nice little leap on her spider-form Q and rappel is the most fun way to escape in the game. And you can play her just about anywhere. I also just had a blast playing Jayce (a SHOCK blast?) but those two are ridiculously strong, so of course they're fun to play.

If I had to choose a slightly more unconventional champ, I'd say Gragas. Poke damage for days. My preferred role is Mid, so I like most any AP casters. I want to play more Syndra, but I never win with her.

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Thresh support, but since I never get to play him, Lulu. Yo Rick top, or Lissandra. Tristana and Graves for adc.

I'd love to play Aatrox top, but since he's worthless against 99% of matchups (Aatrox is his only good matchup) I'll have to wait for a rework.

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@canteu: Aatrox has seen a lot of good play in the EU LCS. I don't think he's as weak as people think

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@helicopterspy: I'm not a European pro. Neither are any of the chumps on the NA server I'm forced to play on.

He's zoned too easily, and loses most trades if you don't have his E up. And all they have to do is pop your passive once then you lose the lane. If his base stats weren't the lowest out of all the tops It wouldn't be so bad.

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Now I usually main top or jungle, so favorite top champ is probably tryndamere but since hes usually banned or picked, I go with renekton.

Favorite Junglers are Jarvan(one of my favorite ults in the game) and I really like Maokai a lot very underrated jungler, only problem is his twisted advance is countered pretty easily if the person you sticking to has flash. Literally I've died a couple of times because they catch me doing twisted advance and flash under tower

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Riven. But I rarely get to play her.

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Ziggs by far. Luckily he was a free champion the first week I started playing. If it wasn't for him I would have stopped playing after the first week instead of a couple months later.

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i have not played lol in ages but at the time it was Anivia and kayle

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@thedoorman: @viking_funeral: who's a good champ to learn jungle with? Been wanting to try that out but not sure who to start with.

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@thesoutherndandy: Nocturne was the first champ that jungling started to make sense to me with, but that may just be because of how I prefer to jungle. Do a few bot games just to get the feel, then go into real matches.

I also found Xin Zhao to be similar.

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Back when I played, in 2010-2011, my go to champions were Garen, Mordekaiser, and Xin Zhao.

With a heavy emphasis on Garen.

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Jarvan, Nautilis, Maokai, shyvana are some of my favorite junglers. I like to build a tanky jungler so I like to stick to these champs, if your looking to build more offensively and aggressive, Maybe try a Nocturne, Xin Zhao, or a Lee Sin.

Jarvan is a pretty cool person to build health, magic resist and armor on because he still hits pretty hard without building damage.

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Since his release, Zac. He's just the most fun in the world.

I guess my favourite for each role is probably:

Top: Jax/Singed

Jungle: Zac

Mid: Veigar

ADC: Caitlyn

Support: Karma

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Primarily I play support, though I can do any role but jungle. My main is Thresh, but he get banned almost every match I ever play, so I tend to play Sona or Nami a lot more.

I'm a decent APC, and I usually play Ahri or Syndra there.

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I have mained Eve and Teemo for a long time, but I also like Trist a lot.

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My first champion, which I played for almost all of my leveling up period, was Annie. Her and that rascally bear Tibbers will always hold a special place in my heart...and about $50-$70 worth of money for skins.

However, I don't really have a favorite champ. It's always changing.

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Cait and Sona for me.

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I picked random in general cuz lol. No one champ is fun enough to play all too repeatedly, and I'm good enough to compete with basically any character. At least when I played the game consistently, which was a few months ago now...

I have a soft spot for Irelia, Ezreal, Lee Sin, Master Yi, Mordekaiser and Singed though. All midlaners can go to hell, I hate that lane.

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miss fortune and vi

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I love tristana as my ad carry. For support, i think nami.

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Varrus, Vayne, Cass and Malz are my mains. Where I'm pushed into toplane I'll usually go Darius or Irelia. I'll throw in the occasional Miss Fortune (my old main) when I'm up against a nontank support, which isn't often these days. I'll go Veigar if I don't respect my opponents, since snowballing with him is hilariously fun. Support wise I just kind of ask what the adc is comfortable with, defaulting on Soraka or Taric if I get no response. I jungle with lots of weird ass shit, personally love running Wu Kong the most.

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Tristana. If I am ever on a bad streak or whatever, I can always go back to Tristana and have a lot of fun. I also really like Gragas, Janna, Thresh, Miss Fortune, Hecarim, and Zed, but I feel like I have been playing Trist forever now.

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Mundo and Nidalee are pretty high on my list. I love champs with skillshots, especially ones with 3-4 second cooldowns so I can fling cleavers ALL DAY!

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Man, it's been ages since I last played LoL. I was glancing through this topic and didn't recognize half of the champions mentioned here. I'm guessing there are like 200 champions now?

Anyway, I remember mostly playing as Singed so I guess he was my favourite.

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My favorite champ is Lux, and i probably have a majority of my SR games as her. I just love her zone control and passive (lich bane can be crazy on Lux). Also her lazer which has an insanely short cd, its a shame they lengthen it by a few seconds. My second favorite is Ezreal, landing skill shots with him feels great and i like the great ult moments he can have. Lately though i have been just play Dominion with whoever i fancy at the moment.

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My friend and I just started playing a few weeks ago so i haven't gotten to play as too many champions but my favorites so far are Leona and Volibear. Leona is a lot of fun to play as support/tank especially when you get a team that works well together and has your back when you charge in like a crazy person.

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I haven't played in a while, but Sejuani is still my jungler of choice 75% of the time (the other 25% probably being Nautilus, if I'm playing seriously).

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The intro for the new champ Lucian is so badass. This is the stuff that sets League apart for me, the effort they put into the background and characters. Super rad. Also Crystal Method.

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My two most played are Xerath and Viktor but lately I've just been playing whoever.

You play tough champs - both have very specific abilities.

Lately I hit the play button, get into a team and... just look at the roster. I'm hitting my LoL plateau. I usually play a game a day to get my bonus points, and that's about it. Can't even get into that anymore.

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