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A game worth your time

I first started playing the game about 7 months ago when it was still in beta. A lot has changed, mostly streamlining the UI and improving performance of the PVP.net client. I can say that the game has blossomed quite nicely, though it isn't quite yet a full flower. There are multiple bugs still around, most notably the chat server disconnect, which forces you to restart the application to start a new game with friends. Things of that nature made me question Riot moving out of beta and into the release phase, but I suppose I can't complain seeing as the game is entirely free. I've been playing with my friends since day one, and am the only one who has yet to spend a single penny, even though I am able to enjoy every aspect of the game that they do (sans Champion Skins, which is purely aesthetic anyway). This might just be me being a cheap bastard, but at least it is no detriment to my enjoyment of the game. Despite the few bugs that still occur, League of Legends is definitely worth trying out, seeing as it is no money out of pocket to just give the game a test drive. Combine that with the colorful graphics and fast-paced gameplay, this game is worth every penny spent (or lack-thereof).

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