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Leandra Amell is a noblewoman and the mother of the Dragon Age II protagonist Hawke and his/her siblings, Carver and Bethany. When she was younger, she left her family's estate in Kirkwall in order to elope with Malcolm Hawke, an apostate mage from Ferelden. She manages to escape Lothering at the start of the game with both Hawke and either Carver or Bethany (one of whom dies during the game's opening minutes). Together, they flee back to Kirkwall, seeking refuge at the Amell family estate only to learn that her brother Gamlen had lost possession of it through gambling. Leandra is also a blood relative of the human mage-origin Warden of Dragon Age: Origins, though this is never stated to be an important plot point.

All That Remains

Leandra in the final stages of "All That Remains."

During the main story quest "All That Remains," Leandra is kidnapped by the White Lily Killer. When the player finally tracks the serial killer down, it is discovered that not only has the killer already murdered Leandra, he has pieced together parts of her corpse with those of his other victims and used magic to bring her back to life as an object of his demented love. Upon the killer's death, the magic binding Leandra fades, and she dies in Hawke's arms.

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