Chances of L4D to be announced on GTTV tomorow for PS3?

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If you are not familiar with this new rumor, apparently GTTV si going to have a valve focused episode tomorrow (Friday at around midnight or whenever they have theyre show on Spike)  
Quoted from this article I posted here    
"Geoff Keighley of GameTrailers TV may have revealed something of megaton calibur twitter today. It appears as if the next episode of GTTV will be a huge special on the development studio Valve. As we'd all expect, there is sure to be a lot of new unveilings in regard to Portal 2. But Keighley also may have hinted at something that many PS3 owners have been waiting     
Teh tweet reads as such: "Yes the rumors are true: Big Valve Episdoe fo GTTV this week with new Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 news"    "  
Now, this can mean a  multitude of things : 
1. Keighly in classic Keighly fashion is hyping something that isnt there or isnt a big deal and like to make people think it is to get view on his show.   
2. this has nothing to do with PS3 and is has to with maybe new content being annoucned for Left 4 Dead 
But him saying that "The rumors are true" makes me kinda think. What rumors is he talking about? is he saying that it was rumored they would be talking about these games on tehir new show this week and thats true? or that the rumors that these games are hitting PS3 is true?  
Again, well have to watch GTTV tomorrow to find out. (that being friday). but then, wed be potentialy falling for Keighlys ratings trap now wouldnt we?  
Anyway, what do YOU think are the chances of Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 being announced for PS3 this friday? I think its 50-50. Valve SEEMS to be on good terms with SONY now, so why not give some good will to them by doing this if its in their power? itll give them some experince on PS3 hardare too and they can test it out to make sure Portal 2 is great on it. But then, I wouldnt really want this to be a test guneia pig project cause them it might come out bad. We still dont know how well the source engine is going to transfer over to PS3 which is anything BUT like a PC.
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I wouldn't have thought this would be Valve's style, i thought they'd make an announcement like this in an awesome way, similair to how they unveiled Portal 2. If it does happen though it would cap a great week for PS3 owners.

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Thats why im skeptical. It sounds too good to be true. I mean, Mass Effect 2 AND both Left 4 Deads annoucned for PS3 in the same week? Insanity.
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I guess well have to wait and see. I think it might be a :too good to be true" kinda thing.
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I would think more its news about DLC.

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It sounds interesting. Don't think its true personally. But I wouldn't mind being happily surprised.

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