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Hey guys, my friend and I are looking for two Left 4 Dead 2 fans who want to do some Expert campaigns on Xbox 360 over the Christmas period or in the New Year. We wouldn't consider ourselves pro-players, but we know what we're doing: I have already completed two of the first campaigns on Expert on L4D2 and my friend completed all of the L4D1 campaigns on Expert, so we're not total noobs. We are, however, sick of encountering people random players online who either quit early or are incapable of holding their own in an Expert campaign. Often we find one other good guy, but you really need a full team of four to get through it. We want to start out with the original campaigns and since I've already done the first two we'll start with Swamp Fever or Hard Rain. I'm really not sure exactly when I'll be able to do this (Friday evening is a possibility) but if you fancy it, add davidinwrofy and gateht on Xbox Live, send us a message and we will organise something!

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Anyone? I will change my proposed time on this to whenever you want to play. Reply to this message or add me on live - davidinwrofy

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