Is the DLC Valve promised coming anytime soon?

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I distinctly remember Valve saying we'd be getting the long awaited third piece of DLC soon after the release of Portal 2... that was 2 damn months ago.

The DLC was meant to include one new campaign and was going to import all the L4D1 campaigns into L4D2.

I don't exactly play this game all that much these days, but I would really like a good reason to go back to it.


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I checked around on forums about this a week ago.
They had a beta going on the PC and it sounded like that the new campaign (which was a user created I think) was glitchy and kinda broken. So that might have delayed it.

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@Crixaliz: The new campaign has been in beta for a few months on PC. It's called Cold Stream. It sucks. It's way too difficult, even on the lower difficulty settings, and it's glitchy as hell. I don't understand why since it's been months since it came out. You'd think it would have been patched a few times already.
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was the dlc supposed to be free?

#5 Posted by iDarktread (1189 posts) -
@Nasos100: Valve DLC has always been free.
#6 Posted by Crixaliz (784 posts) -
@PlasmaBeam44: Yeah I read that new campaign isn't great, I have the 360 version so I never tried it out myself.
They recently had some sort of achievement challenge to release one of the L4D1 missions early, which I think they managed. 
Reading the info about that it seems that one of the remaining L4D1 missions has been balanced for L4D2 but there are two that still need to balanced (possibly a third if they decide to include the L4D1 DLC mission, which some people think might be included).

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