Left 4 Dead 2. Buy for an Australian

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Hi GiantBombers,
I am an Australian and I want to buy Left 4 Dead 2 but I do not want the censored version.
It would be so kind of you if you could buy it and gift it to me. I will send you the money for it first.
Please PM me if you could do it for me. I would be so grateful.

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PMing you.
EDIT: Taken care of.

#3 Posted by S2333 (86 posts) -
@Drakhir: Thank you sir!
Also thank you to the Giant Bomb community for replying so quickly and helping me. I am very grateful.
#4 Posted by Gringor (13 posts) -

i have the exact same problem here in germany. if anybody could be so kind and gift me the bundle, that would be very nice!
and of course i'll send you the money first. 

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We do not allow these types of threads on Giant Bomb. There is too much potential for people to be scammed with this kind of thing. We understand most people are act in good faith, but anonymity on the internet means that scams are inevitable eventually.


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