So did anyone's stats and achievements get reset on Steam?

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#1 Posted by DorianBlack (320 posts) -

Because mine and my mate's did. And it doesn't seem like anyone else on the interbutt is having the same problem. I'm not seeing it talked about anywhere. Would be good to know if it's wide spread or maybe God just dislikes me and my friend for some reason.
I personally don't care all that much but it definitely lowers my desire to further progress this game.

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#2 Posted by StingingVelvet (594 posts) -

Mine were not reset, but I did get notified I received an achievement I had already earned... I think the notification system is a little busted.
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#3 Posted by Darkstar614 (1133 posts) -

nope, mine are still all there.

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#4 Posted by LordKorax (246 posts) -

Mine were reset. A lot of people were having problems with it on the Steam forums. There also seems to be a lot of different things happening with it. Some people get their stats back after earning an achievement, some get a few of their achievements back after earning a new one. Some have lost them, but they show up in the in-game tracker. Sometimes the stats are completely reset, sometimes it keeps the totals correct (games played, shots fired), but the completion rates are 0%.
I don't mind so much about gameplay stats, but it seems to me that achievements should be stored in a way that's bound to the profile, rather than the game information.

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#5 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

No, but all my save gaves for Half Life 2, Ep 1 and 2 are gone.  They were there a couple days ago.

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#6 Posted by Ineedaname (4276 posts) -

Some of my UK friends were playing it early on steam where as mine said it was still locked till today, so many the early unlock was a mistake and meant they reset some peoples.
Just speculation.

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#7 Posted by Curval (72 posts) -

I've been having some problems with Left 4 Dead 1 on Steam.  Some of my achievements have been relocking.  Steam shows them as earned but in game they're still locked.  I had to play through No Mercy twice and escape with all 4 survivors twice to get them to stay unlocked.  The cremation one relocked too.

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