The Passing made me like L4D2 for the first time

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I don't know why the Left 4 Dead games have never really grabbed me. They're fun while I'm playing them, but I rarely get the itch to go back.  After beating the campaigns, I spent very little time in the first game. I bought Left 4 Dead 2 mainly to support Valve for being awesome (and to get Bill's hat in TF2), but I only played a couple campaigns and haven't touched it since that first week. That being said, booting up Left 4 Dead 2 last night to check out The Passing (cause, you know, why not? It's free) totally made me love the game, maybe for the first time. I can't really even explain why, but I totally fell in love with the feeling of it all, the design, the whole aesthetic and sense of humor. And I was shocked how much "the big surprise that everyone knows about" ended up affecting me. 
After The Passing, I tried out some of this week's Mutation and then played a few rounds of Versus and really just had a wonderful time. I'm definitely going to be playing a lot more of Left 4 Dead 2 now, and I guess I have The Passing to thank for it, strangely enough. Anyone else have a similar experience?

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Valve makes great games, I always enjoyed playing left4dead games. No I don't have the same experience because I supported it from day one.

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Arrrrrgh. Why did this get posted to General Discussion? I'm sorry! Sort of new at this.

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@drhans: It's not your fault, there seems to be a bug where everything changes to general discussions these days.
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@HitmanAgent47 said:

Valve makes great games, I always enjoyed playing left4dead games. No I don't have the same experience because I supported it from day one.

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Versus is a lot of fun with friends. I find that when ever 4 of us get together and take on the pubs, it always ends in rage quits. The mutation stuff they're doing now is amazingly clever, because with very little effort, they can make the game "fresh" again.

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Left 4 Dead is just awesome, but they should learn from Heroes of Newerth with their superb public rating system. Left 4 dead is fantastic when playing against similarly skilled people, but certainly sucks when the skill difference is too obvious and it most often is.

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The Passing made me love Left4Dead2 for like the sixth or seventh time.

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Looking at the quicklook kind of made me want to get L4D2. I have the first one but got tired of it pretty quickly since VS mode matches were always horribly mismatched and my team would either rage quit or vote kick everyone after they made one mistake. I enjoyed co-op mode I suppose though but they didn`t last long enough to justify the price tag for me. I do wish I had me a chainsaw though....

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@ProfessorEss said:
" The Passing made me love Left4Dead2 for like the sixth or seventh time. "
I'm guessing this will be the case for me as well. I havent tried it out yet. But the second this reply is posted, I'm firing the game up and pushing through the DLC, fo sho!
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@drhans: I think there are a lot of people who feel the same way as you did when booting this up for the first time. I think one of the issues is that with most multiplayer games, there is usually a single map to play through, and each time the map ends, a victor is decided. In a standard Left For Dead co-op game, there really isn't a winner, and I think even the bare bones story progression each episode has makes people not want to go through and try and improve.  
I also think that a lack of a good scoring mechanism and a leaderboard also lead to that as well. There are good arguments to be had about not including leaderboards as they tend to not encourage good team play, but there is probably a method of implementation that would work alright for this type of game.  
A full versus campaign can also take a really long time to play through, especially if you don't have good communication with the rest of your team. So it can often feel like flailing in oblivion with the rest of your team blindly flinging themselves at the opposing team.  
I dunno... I've always felt that this was a really exciting game to play. Different strokes for different folks.
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I really enjoy both L4D and the sequel and have since release.
The only part I dislike is the versus community.

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I love L4D2, but I can't stand versus.  I'm not amazing with most the zombies, and for that reason it's never pulled me in.  I do however love the campaign a bunch.  I think the only thing that is missing from L4D2 is more maps similar to the first game's maps.  I think that might be why I love the passing so much, it has more of a L4D1 style to it in my opinion.  The only map I truly liked a bunch from L4D2 was Dark Carnival.  I do like L4D2 a LOT more overall though.

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I havent played L4D2 yet, but I recently went back and have been playing the first one a bunch. L4D2 is now on my games to buy list as soon as I get some cash

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I didn't like Left 4 Dead 2 at all when it came out.  The ramped out the intensity for the sequel, which probably should have been a good thing, but ultimately for me it just got to the point where it just wasn't fun.  I did enjoy The Passing though, so I'm sort of in the same boat.  Except that I enjoyed the original immensely.

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I actually thought that The Passing was rather mild and wasn't much to scream about. The interaction with the original survivors came across as 'uneasy' and was very limited. It also didn't help that I didn't actually find the levels very memorable, save for the crescendo event in the sewers. 
However, I prefer the original Left 4 Dead instead of Left 4 Dead 2, so this may affect my judgement. I'm not sure what it is exactly but there's something about Left 4 Dead which makes it feel like a better game. I know for certain that I prefer the original survivors.

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I've always been a huge fan of zombies be it in movies, games or books.  It is almost impossible for me dislike L4D1 and L4D2.  That being said, I didn't play more then 6 or 7 games of the original L4D on the PC before I gave up on it.  The game was stunning of course but I treated like a single player game.  I beat the campaigns once and tried versus and simply quit.  I have L4D 1 on the PC but I bought L4D2 on the 360 and for some reason I now play the hell out of it.  Usually I identify myself as a PC gamer but I've been slowly shifting over to console for games I intend to play multiplayer.
The Passing is awesome though at first you can see it lacks the polish of the original campaigns.  I agree that it feels a lot more like the original L4D also since it is happening at night and its a bit more "close quarters".

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