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Left 4 Dead 2: How Left 4 Dead Should Have Been.

  From a beginners point of view, this game is highly amusing and about two hundred times better than the original. This game has better weapons, new levels with new challenges, and even more annoying special infected zombies. Single player is even less fun than the first one because the A.I.'s  horrible and clueless. The survival and versus modes are pretty much the same, minus the fact there's new zombies, terrain, and characters. The new "scavenge" mode is good for people who like versus mode but don't have the time to sit there for hours on end. Now, about these new characters, if you thought you liked Bill, Zoey, Louis, and Francis, you'll love these guys. This is a fun group to play because as the game progresses, you get to learn more about them and hear Ellis's intriguing stories. The new campaign levels ARE fun, but I was disappointed in the fact there weren't more of them. To wrap this up, this is a highly improved version of Left 4 Dead. Therefore, if you enjoyed the first, I'm sure you'll love the second.


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