haxman1's Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) review

More of the same, but does that make it bad?

When i played the first l4d i was stunned by the game in general. The look, the zombies, everything. I love that game, so when i heard there was a number 2, i was ready to face the horde again. I downloaded the demo and liked what i saw. 
So i bought it when it came out, and played through all the campaigns in about one night. It felt different though, something about it i just couldnt put my finger on. Like i had done this before.  
Dead Center - In my opionion, the worst campaign, i got bored half way through, i had been through the city before, i wanted something different. 
Dark Carnival - The best campaign, something about clown zombies seems right. The roller coaster rush and the stage finish were epic. 
Swamp Fever - Good idea, but every part feels the same except for the escape. Parts like the crashed plane try to keep your attetion, but fall short. The escape on the platation is nice though. 
Hard Rain - Nice style and very enjoyable, the first real scare i got in this game came from this part. Even though you are going back though the same part on the way back to the boat, it feels like a whole new place becouse of the flood. 
The Parish - Good campaign, going throgh the city again, but things like parks and cemetaries help keep it fresh. The final rush across the bridge is the most epic and adrenaline fuled scene in l4d history.  
Special Infected----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   
Spitter - Like a boomer, easy to kill, but if they get you they can fuck up your day. Creepy ass design.  Dislike them 

Charger - Ment to bull full groups, these one-armed freaks die fast but can spread the group out.   Like them  

Jockey - My favorite new infected are creepy little bastards that rape the back of your head. Like them 
    L4d2 is a great game, even if you get that Deja Vu feeling.

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