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Left 4 Head

I thought this game was a kick ass shooter game that is a must be played game. The zombies where a bit better than the last game, they added about 1-3 new infected zombies(main ones) and they also don't spawn the same zombies in the same spot(as well as L4D1) That means that you will never have the same game play twice. You need friends to play this game with full excitement. Even playing in a split screen in fun. This game was so good I had a dream about it(The witch killed me in it) 
Once again it is a must be played game with FRIENDS!! I tried playing with the bots but I always get killed or they always die. 
They even have new weapons, now they have melee  weapons that you can cary as well. They have new shotguns new pistols new sniper rifles new throwable bombs/grenades (you could pick up puke!!!) Also the people you play as are new as well(if you din't know that) Go get this game at once.

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