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More of the Same

Valve has been really good about keeping Left 4 Dead 2 relevant. Thanks to their dedication to releasing new campaigns via DLC and the new mutation modes introduced in their previous DLC, The Passing, the zombie apocalypse has proven itself to have some pretty long legs. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since the release of the original Left 4 Dead, and the formula has seen few changes since then. Valve certainly hasn't taken any chances with The Sacrifice, and while it is definitely a solid campaign, there weren't as many truly memorable moments in this campaign as there are in some of the series' best. There are no new weapons or infected types like there were in The Passing, and while the gimmick of having one of the characters die at the end is kind of cool, it's just that: a gimmick. It doesn't effect game play in any significant way.

 Itchy... Tasty...

That shouldn't deter the Left 4 Dead faithful from giving this new expansion a shot, though. If you're still playing L4D2, chances are you don't mind that the game hasn't shaken up the foundations too much. This is an especially good value for those who never played through the original game, because a retooled version of the punishing No Mercy campaign from that game has been included alongside The Sacrifice in order to give some context to the events of the latter. All of these new(ish) maps are playable in the online versus modes as well, so like The Passing, this level pack is best suited for those who want to play online. New achievements also cater well to the online community, making for a fairly replayable expansion. Left 4 Dead 2 is still a solid game, but your enjoyment of The Sacrifice will hinge on whether or not you mind that this is essentially the same game you first played back in 2008.
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