metallicdistortion's Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) review

Zombies, man, F**ckn Zombies

Left 4 Dead 2 was cheap one weekend, so i bought it for like 30bucks, and was plesantly surprised and disappointed all the same. To be honest it feels like L4D 1.5 or something, not a full on sequel, but I can't complain, its a solid zombie blasting, FPS, and I've put my fair share of time into it. 
Graphics: Usually the first thing I rip on in a game, but I love valve's engine and the style works for L4D2 perfectly in every way. Never once did I feel the need to crank it up or turn it down because it never gave me problems. The characters look great, the zombies look great and the guns look great, so what more do you need?
Gameplay: Co-Op zombie murder has never been more fun, save for Killing Floor, which I like better, but still L4D is an excellent shooter, mixing it up with varried game modes and fun MP. The action never stops and while I was hoping for less of a cartoony shooter, it still worked out fine. 
Sound is another big thing L4D2 has going for it. The guns sound good, the voice acting is good and the zombies sound awesome. 
That's all I've got, the game's solid, nothing wrong, but nothing new an innovative either, definately worth a few playthroughs and some damn fun multiplayer. Sadly, though, it's not worth full price, or even thirty dollars and the campaign lengths are pathetic. But this, my friends, is what the mod community is for


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