razr95's Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360) review

Who knew that killing zombies would get so interesting?

Left 4 dead 2:

Gameplay : New campaign new guns new game modes still even better. The left 4 dead series is zombie apocalypse game where you shot zombies through the missions in order to escape from the city it may sound boring and lame but left 4 dead brings out everything that would make a game like this fun. Weapon variety chainsaws,sub machine guns,snipers,rocket launchers baseball bats and a lot more it seems like a dead rising copy thing but its not. Its a great experience altough it may seem repetitive in some moments but this game does not even focus on the story and what happens. You've got one goal enjoy the gameplay since this game doesnt really need to focus on getting a good interesting story since the gameplay is so interesting itself its in own concept.

Graphics: In some areas the graphics don't really seem great like the water rather you or zombies walk in it the water does not move its like frozen ice but the characters and the guns including the zombies look good. I don't like that in this left 4 dead series that you can walk through your charcater they look like ghosts thats what I don't like since in real life it would never happen right.

Sound:Zombies and zombies running from all the sides the music is well interprated in the game since it suits well its genre and It's just fun to have great music playing in the background of the game. The guns do sound realistic but the AK-47 does not really sound real in call of duty modern warfare 2 the AK-47 is where its real you can compare and see the difference.

Overall: Left 4 dead 2 and the first game are all good I haven't complained yet by a game of valve. Valve is a great product for the years to come and Valve will probably have better projects in the upcoming time.

Thanks for reading Check all my review at my account I beat every game I start playing into then when im done I do a review.

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