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4.26 stars 4.26/5 Stars Average score of 38 user reviews spread across 10 releases and 4 DLC

The Passing: A title ripe for parody. 3

 I appreciate I should have incorporated a hilarious pun into the title. Something about "not passing up on the passing!!". A brilliant opportunity missed, I fear... Oh well.The Passing is a three chapter DLC campaign for Left 4 Dead 2.  And it's one last chance for you to fapp over Zoey.   The campaign is set amidst a tropical storm and looks fantastic with all the bright neon signs cluttered around, but don't expect anything revolutionary on the visual front. The general layout is fairl...

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L4D 2 adds more to the formula to keep fans coming back. 0

  Heavy rain falls dramatically reducing visibility, the roaring thunder cancels out the noise of our approaching enemies making their ambushes a total surprise. As we fight our way through waist-deep water and floating corpses, we lost one of our comrades. I turn around, blind firing through the thick vegetation hoping to kill the coming onslaught of undead, for if we stopped to fight we would surly meet our demise. Thanks to quick reactions and teamwork, we pulled through. Left 4 Dead 2 is p...

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One Year Later, Killing Zombies Is Still A Blast 5

When the reveal trailer for Left 4 Dead 2 was shown at E3 '09, the world exploded. Well, not really. The internet exploded. Boycotts were set up, messages boards were attacked, and upset gamers everywhere were crying wolf. Even though many people lost faith in Valve as a developer, there is no denying that Left 4 Dead 2 is an excellent sequel to the best zombie game of 2008.  It's that time once again! The concept of L4D2 is simple. You play as one of four (new) Survivors of the zombie apocalyps...

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Two-trick zombie 0

Last year, I wrote that Left 4 Dead was a fun title that was high on quality, but low on quantity. It was a "one-trick pony" that provided a highly exciting four player cooperative experience, but not really enough of anything else to justify its hefty price tag. With Left 4 Dead 2, I was hopeful that we'd get a game that could fill the emptiness left by its predecessor. And while Left 4 Dead 2 does have more content than before, it's simply too little, too late. It feels more like an expansion ...

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Left 4 Head 0

I thought this game was a kick ass shooter game that is a must be played game. The zombies where a bit better than the last game, they added about 1-3 new infected zombies(main ones) and they also don't spawn the same zombies in the same spot(as well as L4D1) That means that you will never have the same game play twice. You need friends to play this game with full excitement. Even playing in a split screen in fun. This game was so good I had a dream about it(The witch killed me in it) Once again...

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The zombies are back but its all a little underwhelming 0

  Its been a busy time for Valve, In the space of only a year they brought out a squeal to game that just barely over a year old it self. It was an odd move by them considering how much time they normal put in there games. None the less Left For Dead 2 is here and whether you like it or not it seems the series is here to stay.  For the most part the gameplay is fairly unchanged. Its your the same modes you had before (plus a couple of new ones). One major difference is now there are melee weap...

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More of a re-do than a true sequel. 0

   When Left 4 Dead 2 was announced at E3 this past summer, it was greeted by a buzz of disbelief. Valve is typically slow to churn out expansions and sequels (see Half-Life 2's resume), how is it that they're already all-systems-go with a sequel to a game that was released hardly a year ago? Furthermore, can we be assured that it's decisively better than the first game, which suffered from shortness and a limited amount of replay value? The original Left 4 Dead was plagued by shortness and a f...

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A Surprising Expansion Makes L4D2 Even More Replayable 1

Left 4 Dead made a name for itself largely with the help of its AI director system. The idea was that the game would track what players were doing, and send in varying levels of zombie swarms and items accordingly. This system was a big success, and gave both L4D and its sequel great replay value. Before its release, The Passing was billed as the first Left 4 Dead level in which the AI director would take control of the story in addition to the intensity of enemy attacks. In an interview on ga...

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Left 4 Dead 2 0

 This is an unusual prospect for Valve - a full sequel, actually featuring more content than its predecessor did at release, being put out only a year later.  Given that the Half-Life 2 episodes were supposed to be a quick way to continue the story yet we're still waiting for so much as a teaser trailer for the third one five years later, it definitely seems kind of weird.  Still, the game is here, and improves on the first in a lot of ways.  I wouldn't say it's better, because a lot of it come...

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A great improvement on the original despite being censored- 0

 The original left 4 dead holds some of my favorite gaming memories of all time. Me and my mates would scramble through each of the campaigns together and I swear the amount of time I spent in versus mode rivalled the amount of time I spent in WoW(read:lots).The sequel garnered quite a bit of bad press(locally at least) regarding the fact that the game would be censored for Aussie gamers. This turned me off buying the game so my love of zombie killing faded. UNTIL valve decided to put Left 4 Dea...

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Good idea, poor execution 0

If the idea of meeting up with the Survivors from Left 4 Dead 1 really excites you, you're probably going to be disappointed by The Passing. The idea had lots of potential, but the way Valve executed it leaves much to be desired. You only see the other Survivors twice throughout the entire thing, and there are only 3 chapters to play through. The interactions between the two groups of humans is pretty dry, and each of the original characters (except for the one that is considered dead) only seem...

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Zombies, man, F**ckn Zombies 0

Left 4 Dead 2 was cheap one weekend, so i bought it for like 30bucks, and was plesantly surprised and disappointed all the same. To be honest it feels like L4D 1.5 or something, not a full on sequel, but I can't complain, its a solid zombie blasting, FPS, and I've put my fair share of time into it.  Graphics: Usually the first thing I rip on in a game, but I love valve's engine and the style works for L4D2 perfectly in every way. Never once did I feel the need to crank it up or turn it down beca...

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Good game better graphics then first one 0

Compared to the first one they did a great job on the graphics and mixing in the zombies by adding new ones. Love how they added 3 more special infected with awesome ability's and distinctive sounds. The campaigns are very interesting and very fun to play. I love this game because it has a challenge compared to the first one it was pretty easy. On this one even on easy its still a challenge in some parts. Good job on the game. I give this one a 5 star....

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The Ultimate Co-op Experience 0

Left 4 Dead 2, just like its predecessor, offers a dynamic cooperative experience unlike any other. You and your friends will have a blast popping caps into zombies' heads for many hours. L4D2 offers a variety of different levels and the new and improved “AI Director” will help ensure that you will never experience the same game twice as you replay levels. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is itching for some bloody cooperative fun. If you are a true zombie fan, and if you have ever ...

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Left 4 Dead 2 needs more 0

 With the first Left 4 Dead, I honestly felt as if I were part of the apocalypse. The color scheme was dark and dreary, the characters acted as if they were afraid of the zombies, rather than mocking them, and it was fairly difficult. Left4Dead2 was a let down, and it introduced the defibrillator, which I find to make the game much easier, which is not what a game should be. Though most of the dialogue is humorous, it takes away from the horror aspect of the game. It didn't help that ...

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Left 4 Dead 2: How Left 4 Dead Should Have Been. 0

  From a beginners point of view, this game is highly amusing and about two hundred times better than the original. This game has better weapons, new levels with new challenges, and even more annoying special infected zombies. Single player is even less fun than the first one because the A.I.'s  horrible and clueless. The survival and versus modes are pretty much the same, minus the fact there's new zombies, terrain, and characters. The new "scavenge" mode is good for people who like versus mode...

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Left For Dead 2 for X-box by Brandon Turner 0

Prepare for the Rooftops your about to have a great time with good multi-player situations fighting multitudes of zombies. It t was well worth the wait for purchasing this game. Going for the Ak's after the mini guns off the elevators of the apartments. And giving the bloodthirsty monsters a helluva fight back. Giving Left for Dead 2 a Five out of Five stars....

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Left 4 Dead 2 XBOX 360 0

 Left 4 Dead 2 XBOX 360 I think that the success of Left 4 dead 2 will have come as a surprise to most people, with the exception of the developers at Valve. They must have been sitting smugly just watching the sales rack up.  Even though its release was nearly 12 months ago, it rightly deserves its position in the top 10 of favorite games. A good critical reception rapidly turned into a sales bonanza, quickly selling 3 million units across the three main platforms. Left 4 dead 2 carries on fr...

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As fun as it is addictive 0

“Left 4 Dead is the new best horror franchise” is an odd thing to say, especially for me. After playing a metric ton of the first game, I was satisfied with it just being another zombie game that hadn’t really reached its potential. When a second game was announced, I figured it was going to play just like the first and be nothing more than a map pack. After playing this sequel for a good 25 hours, I can safely say that Left 4 Dead 2 is far and away a lot more than a map pack. In fact, I would s...

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Great 0

A big improvement on the original Left 4 Dead, melee weapons add a lot more fun to the game, the chainsaw is especially fun and the various guns are great. If you are always going to play this game alone,then I'd stay away from it, this game is 1000x better with friends or at least other people. Overall its a fun game that I can play over and over again....

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Zombie killing? Sign me up. 0

The good: Same great co-op from the first game - Same great multiplayer from the first game - Melee weapons are a blast to use - More guns - new game modes.The bad: Friendly AI isn't too bright.Some may say this is the same as Left 4 dead only with more weapons and new campaigns.Which is sort of true, but more of the same from a great game works.As in left 4 dead there are four suriviors for you to play as in left 4 dead 2.Ellis, the southern guy with a good sense of humor.Rochelle, the only gi...

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Mo Money, Mo Money 0

If you love Left 4 Dead, buy this thing. This is all I can really say. As someone who does indeed like Left 4 Dead, this was a bit of a disappointment. Considering that the new campaign is only 3 chapters long, I felt a bit cheated. 2 new weapons and 3 chapters that just lead so a more intense version of the ending of Dead Center? Don't get me wrong, it was fun as hell, for a little. After a while I kept on dying, because the ending is so goddamned big that people keep on splitting up, resulting...

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Zombie Apocalypse 2.0 0

L4D2 does a great job of building off of the first game. Now that the core mechanics are in place adding additional tweaks makes all the difference. The A.I. Director is improved and while the levels look great, I would have enjoyed at least one campaign that was less linear. The new modes are sharp and really do provide some different play styles and time sinks. Overall just another quality game by Valve....

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The definitive co-op experience. 0

 Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-op survival game. You must endure one of the many campaigns with the help of your friends through the internet -- these friends can also be CPU-controlled bots. The campaigns are divided in three, four or up to five acts. In between these acts there's a safe-house where health kits and ammo is found; a quick rest and back to action. This is the primary formula of the main game. In the campaigns you're sure to find many zombies to kill, but going Rambo on them is not an opt...

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Did Valve's rushed sequel live up to the hype? 1

When Valve released Left4Dead for the 360 and PC the fans enjoyed this new type of survival co-op shooter experience. It had guns, zombies and co-op. While it's 4 campaigns were short (about an hour each) they had infinite re-playability thanks to it's revolutionary AI director. At E3 2009 Valve announced it's sequel to hit next November, only a year after the first one. Fans were shocked and disappointed at this announcement not only because they knew it would be rushed, but because it took pla...

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The way zombie shooters should be 0

      The sequel to one of the best zombie/horror games of all time is finally here. Is this a big improvement or does it all feel the same.         Positive: Same great intensityBetter and improved visualsCool environmentsMore weaponsFun CharactersAwesome sound effectsFantastic A.I DirectorMore goreMore campaignsMore modesSome campaigns are longer and some are shorter or the same lengthDifferent variety of zombiesDay and Night cycleGreat Multiplayer as everEasy gameplay          Negative: I can...

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Left 4 dead 2 is packed with new stuff, and it's a lot more fun. 0

I absolutly loved the first Left 4 dead. So much in fact, that I had no problem with valve releasing a sequel only 1 year later. And for those of you out there that think that this should have been an expansion pack, let me tell you that this game has WAY to many things in it, for it to fit in a single download. First off there's the 5 new campaigns, each with 4 to 5 missons a piece, and all of them are fun to play. Replaying these campaigns however is a differen't story, since only two of them ...

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Half Disappointing Sequel, Half Brainless Amusement Park 0

Back 4 FunFirst Left 4 Dead was actually a dream came true for me and everyone who really likes zombie-related movies, games and books. And when I saw improvements with this sequel, I loved them. But then I thought this is it? I mean, there's new weapons, more zombies, some interesting special infected designs and destructible bodies and all but something felt missing through the game.Lack of SourceGame is not using what it is using: The Legendary Source Engine which we all know from Half Life 2...

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New Cast. Same Goal. Survive! 0

Left 4 Dead 2 would arrive roughly one year after the original game, and was promised to contain enough content to justify the $60 price tag as it's previous version. With 5 campaigns all playable in Versus, two new modes of play, and new a cast of survivors and special infected, Left 4 Dead 2 does offer more than than LFD1, but is it good?    The New Crew have some big shoes to fill. In my own opinion the answer is yes. The new campaigns are more story driven with the characters discussing t...

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Everything a Sequel Should Be 0

 Let's make it pretty clear here, the core of the gameplay remains in tact, though much has changed outside of that. New special infected: The Spitter and Charger work great for countering corner-hogs from the first game, and the Jockey just helps in almost every scenario, as long as he's coupled with another infected. New Levels: So far, so good. Level design is great, and even has more character to it. Little things like parachuter's being strung up in trees, or chargers being tied up li...

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Awesome 0

Game is great.  Just like the first one, in NEVER gets old.  The new realism mode is sick!  This definitely kicks the difficulty up a notch.   The graphics are improved, I shot a zombie in the stomach and saw his large intestine droop out of his body, although he continued to attack me further til I put another hole in him!  The only issue was that I was still having fun playing the original left 4 dead.  There do seem to be alot of people who suck at this game online.  Also if you play online, ...

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More of the same, but does that make it bad? 0

When i played the first l4d i was stunned by the game in general. The look, the zombies, everything. I love that game, so when i heard there was a number 2, i was ready to face the horde again. I downloaded the demo and liked what i saw. So i bought it when it came out, and played through all the campaigns in about one night. It felt different though, something about it i just couldnt put my finger on. Like i had done this before.   Campaigns------------------------------------------------------...

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Left 4 Dead Versus Mode Review 0

GreetingsThere aren't many games that I still play consistently 3 years after release. These always seem to be online shooters with lots of content updates whose with big player bases to keep things always accessible. Team Fortress. Battlefield 1942. Halo 2. Halo 3. Team Fortress 2. Versus mode in Left 4 Dead 2 is almost 3 years old, and I still play it several times a week. With the Cold Stream DLC released on Xbox I thought I'd do a quick review of it.VersusLeft 4 Dead employs an asymmetrical ...

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Who knew that killing zombies would get so interesting? 0

Left 4 dead 2:Gameplay : New campaign new guns new game modes still even better. The left 4 dead series is zombie apocalypse game where you shot zombies through the missions in order to escape from the city it may sound boring and lame but left 4 dead brings out everything that would make a game like this fun. Weapon variety chainsaws,sub machine guns,snipers,rocket launchers baseball bats and a lot more it seems like a dead rising copy thing but its not. Its a great experience altough it may se...

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L4D2: Picking up where the first one Left off. 0

Boycotts and accusation of racism aside, this game is another must have title from Valve.  L4D2 kept what worked from L4D, and changed what did not work.  If you were a fan of Left 4 Dead One, you will love Left 4 Dead 2.  The zombie hordes have been improved, in both visual flavor and behavioral mechanics.  There has been another Versus mode added, Scavenge, that plays much quicker then a full Versus Campaign.  With the addition of  "Team Versus" teams of 4 can find other teams of 4 to face for...

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All you L4D2 boycotters out there, feel free to begin eating crow 0

  Melee weapons like frying pans, crowbars, and ninja swords will replace your default pistol Let’s get one thing out of the way right off the bat: Left 4 Dead 2. It has everything it’s predecessor had, just more of it. More guns, more campaigns, more multiplayer, and of course, more zombies. Rest assured, this is no expansion. So all you L4D2 boycotters out there, feel free to begin eating crow, because in many ways, Left 4 Dead 2 is a more complete game than the original. Valve hasn’t tried ...

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More of the Same 0

Valve has been really good about keeping Left 4 Dead 2 relevant. Thanks to their dedication to releasing new campaigns via DLC and the new mutation modes introduced in their previous DLC, The Passing, the zombie apocalypse has proven itself to have some pretty long legs. Unfortunately, it's been a long time since the release of the original Left 4 Dead, and the formula has seen few changes since then. Valve certainly hasn't taken any chances with The Sacrifice, and while it is ...

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Quite the dlc 1

Well, the Passing dlc was released just yesterday, and I must say it's very fun, although the campaign is only 3 missions long, in each mission you will spend some time, and in the last one the L4D1 survivors even help you, well 3 of them anyway(not going to spoil who dies). you also have 2 new weapons, the M60, a heavy caliber machine gun that has 150 rounds and cannot be refilled. And a golf club, great for smacking of infected heads. There is also a new uncommon common infected, the infected ...

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