Make up your own left for dead party

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This thread is for making up your own party members for Left For Dead.You can make you your own character for left for dead.There's no rules.Have fun =p

First Character: Her name is Rylan.She's age 28 and she's a secret agent.She's quiet and not very talkative and is observant,cold and calculating.Her weird quirk is that she likes to sing so she can balance out her tough exterior . She's very good with guns and weapons.Her weapon of choice is a sword.

Second Character: Lena

As a kid,she was into throwing knives.She spent her time in the woods throwing knives at trees and sometimes even small animals.Her dad taught her to be a survivalist and became good with a bow.

When the zombie apocalypse happen,she fled into the woods and was alone.She held her own by living off the land.She's stubborn,headstrong,selfish but self-sacrificing.

Third Character: Guy

He is 32 and is a police officer.On a police duty, he was chasing a criminal but Guy got shot by in the head.He passed out and woke up in a stranger's house.He has no memory of who is he is.The bullet did a damage to him but he can still think and run well.It's strange because he knows what a hamburger is but he can't recall who he is.

He is a good leader and he always think 4 steps ahead of everybody.He leads this team and makes good use of their skills well.He is pretty decent with a gun

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