Xbox or PC?

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#1 Posted by CodeHero (134 posts) -

I can't decide which would be better to play on.  Voice chat seems like it will be pretty important in this game, and I don't have a mic for PC. But the PC will most likely have downloadable content. 

What do you think, and which do you plan on buying?
#2 Posted by Peewi (410 posts) -

PC. Since Valve is primarily a PC developer. Also, I don't have a 360.

#3 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

I'll probably get it on my xbox.

#4 Posted by Lashe (1266 posts) -

Xbox.. simply because my friends will get it on that and I prefer the integrated interface that Xbox Live gives

#5 Posted by 10MP (311 posts) -

pc becuase the 360 doesn't get either of these.

free mods
free updates from valve

#6 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

PC, because I don't have a 360, and because considering it's valve the PC version will be slightly better

#7 Posted by Leon31 (125 posts) -

PC at least for me anyways. Everything that comes out for it will be free(mods, extra levels, etc.) plus I feel that as far as FPS games go, there is better precision  and control with a mouse and keyboard. Though it depends on what you play games better with in the end with really. Plus, because it's a coop game, play on the system that most of your friends are on. It is better to play coop with people you know and trust instead of random strangers.(You never know who your going to get)

#8 Posted by Hamz (6846 posts) -
Peewi said:
"PC. Since Valve is primarily a PC developer. Also, I don't have a 360."
Pretty much the same with me really, plus the PC will have mods.
#9 Posted by Korrupt (31 posts) -

Xbox 360 since my PC can't run many games made within the last 2 years.

#10 Posted by masterlink43 (43 posts) -

The PC version will probably be better supported because it's Valve. Also, if TF2 is any indicator, there will be many more people playing it on PC.

#11 Posted by Djrocks (93 posts) -

I have no idea yet, I was thinking about buying it on Xbox 360 but then I noticed that the game will be so much better on P.C. due to mods and stuff.

#12 Posted by DrVanNostren (154 posts) -

Yeah, my PC can't run games so I'll get it on my 360.

#13 Posted by carzy (275 posts) -


#14 Posted by Cole (42 posts) -


#15 Posted by Bass (692 posts) -

It's a co-op game, so I'll probably get it for my 360, since that's where all of my friends are at.

#16 Posted by ron15x (9 posts) -

PC.  Reason:  See TF2.

#17 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

On the pc

#18 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -
Peewi said:
"PC. Since Valve is primarily a PC developer. Also, I don't have a 360."
also valve supports pc more... look at tf2 on 360, and look at on pc... on pc its a live community, and on the box has tf2 like dying.
#19 Posted by NeoTheta (225 posts) -

I'll be getting it on PC because nearly all the people I play with are on PC(since it's my main gaming machine), and the mod support community for this game will be massive, so I cannot wait for that aspect.

#20 Posted by Monki_CM (10 posts) -

i would have gone with pc.. i have a gaming pc.. but not so mani awesome titles like 360.. wich i also have.. so i go with 360

#21 Posted by MmmSkyscraper (315 posts) -


#22 Posted by Termite (2398 posts) -

PC, because I don't have a 360 and don't want one :P

#23 Posted by Kenzo287 (722 posts) -

PC because you're not chained down by whatever Microsoft says unless you only play Games For Windows titles which have just recently become much more tolerable.

#24 Posted by ImWayGooderest (75 posts) -

More of my friends will be getting the 360 version but I'm gonna get the PC one for the free updates.

#25 Posted by nezze00 (144 posts) -

PC, everyone listed the reasons above: Mods, Updates, Free stuff, etc.

#26 Posted by MagicKiwi (111 posts) -

The only situation in which I'd buy an FPS for the 360 is if it's not for the PC.

#27 Posted by Ma7moud (805 posts) -

360, since the game will run bad on my PC because its old.

#28 Posted by Scorched (691 posts) -

PC will probably be the best game because of controls and speed.
Valve has confirmed that zombies are much faster in the PC game.
However it depends where your friends are.

#29 Posted by CodeHero (134 posts) -

Have the system specs been released yet, and will it cost as much as a full fledged game or will it be $20 like TF2.

#30 Posted by EtherealSlayer (82 posts) -

PC, if a shooter is multi-platform I will always get it on the PC.

#31 Posted by steve316 (102 posts) -

360, i perfer a controller

#32 Posted by Guild_Master (250 posts) -

if it runs on my Pc the the answer is obvious (pc), if not 360

#33 Posted by Peewi (410 posts) -
CodeHero said:
"Have the system specs been released yet, and will it cost as much as a full fledged game or will it be $20 like TF2."

No system requirements have been released, but I think it's a safe bet that they're going to be about the same as those of The Orange Box.
#34 Posted by Benjamin (7 posts) -

Mods = win :D I'm already in the orange map phase of a campaign.

#35 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

Xbox, more epic games.

#36 Posted by CARL (55 posts) -
DarkLegend said:
"Xbox, more epic games."
#37 Posted by StarFry64 (170 posts) -

I'd mainly stay onto my 360 more than my PC even though this game looks perfect to play on PC. So... 360.

#38 Posted by CallMeRotten (229 posts) -

I'd rather pick it up for PC, I'm more comfortable playing with a mouse and keyboard when it comes to FPS games.

#39 Posted by artofwot (22 posts) -

PC, for the reasons everyone else has stated above: Mods, better control, free updates from Valve, better community, etc.

Not to mention - I don't have a 360.

#40 Posted by Zaerus (154 posts) -

definately pc
But aside from that choice, isn't it like TF2 where valve updates/tweaks it's source engine every now and then?
Which, if so, i guess is pretty hard / impossible to do on a X360

(Don't own a 360 but just wondering...)

#41 Edited by Systech (4078 posts) -

I would get it for PC, but it wouldn't look very good. I'm probably going to end up playing it on 360.

#42 Posted by Daz0608 (384 posts) -

360 because, my PC probably won't run it and the 360 has Xbox Live

#43 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

If my PC can run it, which I highly doubt, I'll get it for PC

If not, 360.

#44 Posted by Defias (171 posts) -

PC definitely because they do not support their 360 versions, so no new content and no bug fixes. I suggest getting a mic you can get decent mics for cheap now and the PC version gets mods, new maps and patches.

#45 Edited by Vaxadrin (2297 posts) -

Probably both.  360 for playing with my Live buddies, PC for content updates & mouse control.

#46 Posted by Brasky (83 posts) -
#47 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

I'm getting this on the 360 since my friend is getting it on the 360... plus why waste the money I spent to play on XBL.

#48 Posted by BiffMcBlumpkin (3720 posts) -
Bass said:
"It's a co-op game, so I'll probably get it for my 360, since that's where all of my friends are at.
Yep, this is the only reason I'm getting it for 360. None of the people I know in real life that play games have gaming PC's, and I prefer to play my online shit with them - so 360 for me. It's one of those games that seems like it's way better if you don't play with complete strangers. If it were the other way around I'd be getting it for the PC.
#49 Posted by Pibo47 (3166 posts) -


#50 Posted by Brasky (83 posts) -

ill be getting it for the PC. The fast and frantic gameplay seems more suitable for keyboard and mouse.

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