armaan8014's Left 4 Dead (PC) review

One of the best games to play when your friends come over!

 What a rocking game! My friend and and i can't seem to get enough of it. Choosing your fave character, getting out in the streets, and killing the undead is awesome.

The game has no straight story. The main plot is that a zombie apocalypse has hit the world, and everyone is infected.
You are one of the four survivors, who have to get to a rescue point in each level.

The greatest thing in the game is you'll never get scared, but you'll always be tensed, especially when you hear the witch crying. Planning attacks with your friend is also fun, like when my friend had gone down on the street with an smg, and i was sniping (from a building) any undead who would try to attack him from the back.
There are different kinds of zombies- Tanks(big guys), Witches(will attack you if u disturb it n wont leave u till one of u dies), Hunters(will jump on you, similar to witches), Smokers(long tongued guys that leave toxic gases) and boomers(They explode). Amd of course the normal undead ppl.

it is obvious that this is one super game, and there's no question whether you should get it. 


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