metric_outlaw's Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360) review

This is the closest you'll find to Dawn of the Dead.

Left 4 Dead really captures what it would be like in a zombie apocolypse. Unlike Resident Evil's slow and solitary zombies Left 4 Dead gives the new "28 Days Later" type of zombies. These zombies are quick and if you don't defend yourself you can easily get swarmed. Playing with four random people also captures the feel of being in a group of four random survivors. However many times itdepends on the people you play with. People who refuse to use mics or play as a team can severally hinder your experience. Besides playing on a campaign with four other people you can also enjoy yourself in a game of versu. This mode consists of four survivors and four infected (the infected include smokers, hunters, boomers, and tanks). However the only major flaw  is the lack of content. This game only includes four maps (ha I get it, its the theme of the game) and only six guns. Hopefully this can be fixed by Valve making some downloadable content for it (good luck seeing how 360 owners are still waiting for a Team Fortress 2 update a year over due).

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